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Hi everybody. I post here a little bit and am diagnosed sza. I was diagnosed in 1996 with schizophreniform and paranoid sz and bipolar too at some point. I’m taking Invega Sustania though I don’t think it does much. Although I haven’t had major delusions for a couple years now I still have some odd beliefs and negative symptoms. I think I have aphasia or algogia (shortness of speech), but my mom thinks I don’t and just am attributing dx to myself. I get depressed a lot because I live on disability, have few friends, no significant other or kids and feel like a failure at life. The days are long and I sleep a lot. Just looking for a few friends in the struggle. Thanks.

It is spring break for me, so I have been sleeping more and regretting it. I am trying to get S.S.I., but I am working too. I might be denied again.

One thing you can do for yourself is to make a garden. It makes you feel proud to accomplish something. Bulbs are easy to start with, or just get a few pots and some potting soil.

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You could take up an art.

That’s me too. I’m Sz/Sza (depending on which doc is present-at the moment–none) some days are easy, and some, are just too long.

hey Brian. Welcome to the forums. You know, part of what you are describing, sleeping alot, the days seeming longer, negative symptoms are often just side effects of medications. I am a fully recovered 20 year old paranoid schizophrenic, on an antipsychotic (Geodon 120mg) and I am majoring in Psychology, concentrating in Behavioral Neuroscience, and I know the drugs pretty well and I know schizophrenia pretty well too. You aren’t a failure, some of your genes are a failure, a horrific maladaptive set of genes. It’s OK, I have the same genes somewhere in me.

Knowing that you have odd beliefs is better than simply having odd beliefs. See what I mean? Once you know that you are symptomatic, it takes the power away from the symptoms.

Private message me if you want to chat, I check these forums morning and night.

You found some friend’s here all at different stages on the path. Please don’t feel like a failure at life… your in low patch right now, but you don’t have to stay there.

I’m not saying jump up and do a lot of stuff, but maybe talk to your doc and see if there is some support or maybe help your meds to not feel so depressed and then things can slowly turn around.

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