Have mitigated both my paranoia and anxiety. Left with problems with concentration. The result of meds or the result of sz? Any talking therapies for cognition?

For the last three years I have gone to my psychiatry appointment complaining about stuff like paranoia. In fact it was solely about paranoia for two years.

A year ago I began to accept my psychosis and my pdoc appointments mainly focused on my anxiety. However non med interventions have mitigated the anxiety.

Right now i am happier than I have been for years. I just wish I could concentrate better. Especially on tv - I live alone in the deep country so I spend a lot of time on my own and tv/movies are dear to me.

For the longest time I put all my ‘negative symptoms’ Solely down to the neuroleptic meds. But now I think it may just be the illness.

I don’t want to risk going on amphetamines for increased attention so basically I have to put up with it.

Are there any talk therapies that can improve cognition?

Thanks for reading :sunglasses:

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I have negative and cognitive symptoms with or without meds so its the illness and meds only work for positive symptoms. I personally don’t believe in talk therapy and there is no scientific studies that shows talk therapy to be effective for negative and cognitive symptoms. But you loose nothing by trying if its free. I would try if its free but its 200$/45min here, not worth it.

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My delusions and paranoia is not my biggest problem atm. I suffer from poor concentration and memory.

I think it is sz related and not the meds so much.

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