Dumb whores in the store

I was forced to go into the store again, something that i would rather not do at all, but i had to.

And there they all were, whores, male and female, all nothing but whores.

I swear if they didn’t have genetalia they would just shrivel up and become nothingness, it’s all that they care about.

The women though, thats who im worried about most, they just won’t stop popping out more unhappy dying people, sure we had a reason to have some, couldn’t do this all alone in my opinion but they have taken it to such selfish and greedy extremes it’s evil and rediculous.

This world has always been like one of those coin machines in the arcade, the goal is to put a coin in and push other coins off of the edge, you flood the machine with so many coins that more coins fall off of the edge. Thats how reproduction works here, you just flood every last area and time and then many coins are forced off of the edge.

Bunch of dumb gadam whores! I don’t think that they even get how much their children hate them, and how much they deserve the hatred.

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And did you hear we’re colonizing Mars soon?!

Hey, maybe focus on yourself for a change - change things there. It’s a lot of work playing the role of atlas - and he shrugged.


Hi PansDisease, you seem to have some really negative, extreme and inaccurate perspectives on people.

I don’t think its accurate to say that people who have children are “whores” - you are one of the first people I have ever heard of to use that term for people who have children.

According to Wikipedia - a whore is a prostitute (one who sells sex for money). People who have children are usually not selling sex for money - so your description is inaccurate.

Please stop these very inaccurate descriptions of people. Try to be more accurate and balanced in your description of people.

Or take a rest from posting when you feel so negative about people. There are many great people in the world, many nice people (think about it - and I’m sure you can think of some). Focus on those people and not on your bad experiences with people.



those whores have loved one such as their children parents and etc, those whores are trying their best for their loved one, if we have nice foods and meds, it’s because of those whores, those whores are mothers and children of others and mean a world of kindness for their family and friends, so lets be more polite about these whores, put these behind, i have been like you, it’s because of your paranoia or negative symptoms, talk to your pdoc about changing meds.

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hey we can focus on the positive,
but we have access to demon counsel…

You weren’t there, and trust me it was truly awful to see, im not even being negative, it’s just the truth unfortunately.


dear pans, it’s their social mask just to pretend like others, looking savage and filthy to not being eaten by others, inwardly they aren’t such as you said, there is pain in everyone of them, worriness and other problems, they can love and do love but being a lover makes you defenceless in society so they pretend that they are wolves, dont be upset of them and dont be more judgemental than god and remember that the first victim of hatred is the one who hates, work on yourself and your meds and dont make the world a worse place, wish you could see more beauty in world, take care.

Your Words have so much positive meaning x

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