Dumb things I did

This is not serious, just a little fun. The other day, while watering the planter in front of the house, I was careless when I put out my cheapo cigar and put it in the pocket of my hoodie. A few seconds later, I noticed it was smoking, so i had to turn the hose on it to put it out. Ended up with a hole in the pocket. Just yesterday, I did the same thing after talking with a friend that happened to be at the crosswalk in front of the Jack-in-the-Box. Didn’t even notice it till later in the day. Now my hoodie has two nearly identical holes on each side. Has anyone else done something dumb or silly that annoyed them at the time, but now seems funny to them?


Not one person has posted, so this post is probably just another dumb idea on top of another dumb idea. I was walking to Jacks with my cup. I had already bought something to smoke. I walked in to a gas station store and automatically filled my cup. Walked to the counter and realized what I had done. Muttered something about coming in to buy cigarettes (made no sense) and that I made a mistake filling my cup. Just to pay for my weirdness, I just asked if I could pay for a refill. Walked out totally embarrassed and confused. But amused.

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Nah dont beat up your topic. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get others to notice.

Yesterday i was doing some work. I had a shovel in my right hand but someone called so i grabbed the shovel with my left hand… mid conversation i was like where the hell did i put that shovel and began looking for it…

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Yeah I do dumb things all the time. My best recently was forgetting to engage the blades on the ride on mower. Took me five minutes until I realised that I wasn’t cutting shite and I was just driving around in circles!!! Lucky I didn’t get too far into it…was rather embarassing…the old guy I help out thought it very funny!

Seriously. I do too many to count. My brain is so slow these days and I just do dumb things. I’m always getting that homer simpson doh moment!


Oh yea one time i was calling my pharmacy and gave them the wrong bday… the lady was like i got no one in my system with that bday… i argued… then realized my mistake… and when i went to pick up my meds the pharmacist had his little jokes to add…lol

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