Dual Diagnosis

Do you believe substance abuse is a disease,

cuz I do. Been told I’m sinning with my addictions
and should turn it over to Jesus, they’re so misconceived over it all.

And then I caught hell over taking my non alcohol pills,
they usually help, and I’m doing well right now, I don’t care what they think,

I’d never be able to quit on my own.
I’m one of the hardest pd. sz’s to treat.

I think a lot of you know my struggles
it hasn’t been an easy life, but nobody said it would be.

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Hope your ok. Welocome back!


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What do u take. Naltrexone, Antabuse, what??? Naltrexone works for me a lot thnx.

thanks, Sam. I’m leaving Facebook for awhile,

people really don’t get it in my groups

and I was called names too.


Acamprosate Calc.

it’s 2 pills 3X a day, heavy dose

it won’t make me sick if I drink on it
but I haven’t so far

it mainly stops the cravings, beer doesn’t even sound good.


Yeah that’s what naltrexone does. Interesting I’m happy for u.

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thanks, honey, I appreciate your response,

hope your day is good.

I’m happy for you too daze.

I quit smoking and drinking yesterday, so we shall see.

the first day is the hardest

way to go! I recommend the pills

the only side effect is really loose bowels

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No, I think that way of looking at it makes it seem hopeless and like there’s nothing you can do about what you do. I think of substance abuse as a mental illness.

Good luck with your treatment @Daze. One day at a time, you know? That’s all we can do.

thanks, yeah, probably right

I have a friend who thinks all of mental illness is addiction

not sure about that, but I know it’s easier for the mental patient to use and abuse

Yeah, that sounds too simplistic. And judgmental. We’re not ill because of our behavior. Not that addiction is entirely voluntary, but you know what I mean.


Actually it’s meant to do to the opposite. When an alcoholic or addict discovers his/her drinking or using is a treatable disease and not a moral failing it is the first step to recovery.

It’s like schizophrenia when some people go through years of suffering without being diagnosed and without knowing what is wrong and then they finally get diagnosed. For some people it’s a relief to finally put a label on what’s wrong with them and find out they have a medical condition. It’s the first step to recovery.

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how did you recover, Nick?

For my crack addiction, I joined AA, CA, and NA.

For my mental illness it is medication, talk therapy, support groups, having family support and a bunch of other help I got.

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good, glad it all worked for you.

I’ve tried AA a couple different times
but I still couldn’t do it on my own,

like they said I had to.
And it all kinda seemed gloom and doom.

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Psychiatry is definitely the future of addiction imo. This AA stuff will be considered a great novelty. Maybe they’ll still have meetings. But psychiatry will thump will power and fellowship in the future.

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The whole idea behind AA is one alcoholic helping another. Meetings are for support and for people to share their struggles with alcohol and to tell what worked for them. There is a fair amount of doom and gloom but I’ve also sat in many rooms full of addicts and alcoholics where there’s lots of laughing and a positive atmosphere.

the nice thing about quitting is that my meds work better

and they might be helping too to stay quitted, if it truly is

a chemical thing in the brain. The pills I’m on for non alcohol
there just is no craving or desire to drink

but there’s urges and breaking the habit, and getting used to be sober.

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