What can you tell me about naltrexone?

My nurse just mentioned this medication to me on our last visit. I have never heard of naltrexone, she mentioned it for helping with self harm urges, which have been really bad as of lately. When I looked it up I saw that it is commonly used to help addictive behavior. Anyone with any input on this?

I don’t really want to be put on more medication, I’m on 7 as it is, but she’s really pushing for me to get on this medication, I think she even mentioned it to my psychiatrist.

Well, one can argue that self harm can be an addiction in itself.

I think @Jonnybegood is on Naltrexone

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It can help prevent relapses into alcohol or drug abuse.

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I’m on naltrexone it’s the best med I’ve ever been on. It helps with psychosis for me but I can’t find anywhere else it does for anyone else. Maybe I’m lucky. It also prevents me from drinking alcohol or addictive behavior in general.

It’s really been a miracle for me it’s been three years on this med. the first thing I noticed on it was a thicker skin, aside from my alcohol cravings being way less immediately.

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Ps it has no side affects for me. But I could understand not wanting to be on eight meds.

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It’s great to hear it doesn’t have side effects for you. Yes I believe that 8 meds would be a lot to be on at once, I already wonder if I’m over medicated.