What do your aps do for you?


Do they curb the distress or hush the voices or whatever else?


We are all different and at the moment there’s no way knowing what meds work for you. It’s hit or miss but a good doctor is a bit like a craftperson. It’s something they get a feel for!

My meds work well for me but that was a lot of trial and error. I was diagnosed in 1999 and I gave up keeping track of trying different things. I’ve only been on three antipsychotics. I’ve been on over 10 antidepressants. My depression really bites even as a paranoid sz.

For me. They even me out. I think like I think most people do. I don’t have the racing thoughts anymore. I don’t get obsessively hung up on certain ideas or people. I don’t worry about things I used to obsess about!

It’s a long process. Don’t get me wrong. But taking the pills has been good for me!


I stop hearing voices and the delusions go away. I don’t know if the delusions are caused by the hallucinations, that being they went away because the hallucinations stopped. Also I’m not paranoid when taking Risperdal.


Well i take 2 anti-psychotics - Ziprasidone and Clozapine. Both of these have stopped the voices, and i’m significantly less paranoid about things. I also think much clearer than i used to. I think they’ve also helped my mood, which has a history of dipping quite low into depression. I do take an anti-depressant, Venlafaxine, but i think the AP’s have helped level things out a fair bit.