Drugs and spirituality

What do you guys think? I feal a really strong spiritual connection when I smoke weed. Have any of you had spiritual experiences while doing drugs?

Yeah, it’s technically called a psychotic break


getting high is not a spiritual experience and it can cause mental illness and if you call that a spiritual experience then there is something wrong


You know that no one knows what causes schizophrenia right? Explain what it is like to see feal hear and know what normal people don’t. Demons cause illness and drugs have had spiritual uses in cultures going way back daydreamer.

there are various triggers and weed happens to be a big one, lots of evidence.

it weakens your mental stability and thats how the psychosis can start

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I get all my spiritual experiences from conversation and music… for example


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now that I think of it I think you get a spiritual experience from every drug you first start using. You enjoy it to much… because that’s the effect of the DRUG. I would suggest not upgrading to hard drugs because spiritual experiences from them are a little different you wont be red eyed and content. youll be bug eyed and stabbing somone.

There’s a strong correlation between both drugs and mental illness and mental illness and spirituality.
Drugs -> Mental Illness -> Spiritual delusions/psychotic break

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What the ■■■■ is a spirit good for anyhow?

Connection to some sense of an immortal self at all times?

When I was doing drugs that feeling could have been seen as spiritual but I was more just having heightened enjoyment of the experience.

Damn just look at the stars and realize the scale and how insignificant you are. Then look at yourself and realize how large and complicated you are at the same time. Mesmerizing ■■■■. Spiritual? I don’t think so… Fulfilling… For me, yes!

Atoms cooked in stars by gravity and heat… Blown up and strewn about to coales into this planet and then to eventually be stirred further by natural processes until this amazing molecule and its replicants that sustain it where carried from being to being for aeons until that double helix recombined with its moderate variant between one and the other of your parents who the carried, birthed, and cradled you.

Life is what you want it to be… Learn to see it and there is so much fulfillment all around that it’s almost a debt you owe to see it through. That’s fuggen life. It ain’t all roses and daisies, there is plenty of pain all around as well.

Still… Spirit is a myth. It’ll be known as such someday. The essence of being is percieve both inward and outward and sharing that perception with others in a way that brings people together and makes life easier.

■■■■ the ego, ■■■■ social identity, ■■■■ the spirit, and ■■■■ anything else that gets in the way of what is real and what is right for you to do… ■■■■ the traditions of old. We are a new generation in the age of information. There is richness everywhere… Drugs and spiritualiy? I need neither.

-Az(wearing his guru hat) :v:


hear hear, your spirited plea lifts my spirit!


I read spirited flea. Funny


i don’t think anybody knows exactly what a spiritual experience is,

in my experience a spiritual experience is when someone or a group of people are lifted higher up to a level where they are feeling really good, its like a natural high, without the use of drugs.

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Yes, it was very spiritual when I smoked crack and wrecked my life.

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Thanks for the replys guys

The spirit i sensed while high is in me. in my experience i used too often & the drugs detached me from the struggles but stole my soul with confusion leading to abuse throughout the use.

Don’t fall into that trap. I had weed then moved to acid to try and make the connection stronger. That did work but it’s not good for your mind

Thanks for the advice guys

Lolol I don’t know about spirituality, some people become atheists from doing drugs. Heightened sense of awareness and ego loss, for some ppl it might be spiritual if that’s what they discover. Psychotic break? Not necessarily minnii! But in some cases yes.

I remember being high one time and my CD player was on shuffle. Anyway it just happened to play a song that I had never heard. Right then I thought it was the power of God making me hear beautiful music.

And that ‘spiritual’ experience herelded my descent into madness.