Are some people less spiritual?

i have this crazy belief that people who haven’t taken drugs or been schizophrenic or been into religious wisdoms don’t have these experiences
but how can that be because we are all human
where do you stand with this?
it doesn’t make sense to me
i feel people with just 9-5 or just kids
how would they not have lived just as deeply
is it all just stuff people don’t talk about
why would no one ever prove it?
maybe i just need to read more


So, when you say spiritual, are we talking about a level playing field? Are we including everything from buddhist monks to oujui board practitioners?


Spirituality at its core is an examination and re-evaluation of perception. There is always the conceptualization of god involving schizophrenics (believing they are jesus, seeing satan etc), but beyond all conception is a deeper analysis of perception itself. These are processes most people take for granted, but for schizophrenics they are in constant analysis of these processes. People who do drugs and religious mystics are too. I don’t think most people care about perception too much, so long as their processes are properly functioning. There is a wisdom to that, but they are missing out on a certain depth of experience.

I feel like a major revelation in life is knowing that you are pure awareness, missing out on that is like missing a major part of your life. But some people don’t care and that’s ok too. Life is a subjective experience and every path is different. We won’t get to have certain experiences because of schizophrenia and that’s ok too. You can argue with reality, but you’ll just wear yourself out. Reality doesn’t care. We’re all on our own paths and have the freedom to go our own ways. Who are we to say someone’s path is more or less valid than ours?


great answer crazydiamond444

Well said, I love the constant analysis, analysis!

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i did a lot of drugs, got severe schizophrenia and came away from drugs with meditation yoga and some esoteric things

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i have a lot of experiential stuff and no way of expressing myself like that
sorry i just don’t
i’m not being faceacous
like my brain goes to cotton wool
all i can do is be expressive
gets boring
i need to join a book club

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I became both religious and spiritual during and immediately after my psychosis. I think it was a way to give meaning to the strange things I was experiencing and also a comfort because I was so terrified.

I wasn’t religious or spiritual before any of this, but I was raised in the Catholic religion so I guess the framework was there in some form.

The religion thing passed quickly, but I do feel a little more spiritual than I did before. Maybe from having experienced madness, I don’t know. I guess my relationship with reality has probably been altered forever.


What does it even mean to be spiritual anyway?


I’ve tried to be spiritual… after my dad died, I have had this wish to have some spiritual awakening. But no. I have read about thelema, the occult, satanism, but I just am such a superfical person. I don’t care. It’s sad really. I feel I am missing something.

I’m trying to jump out of the cycle of the physical plane a bit more, and i think that’s very spiritual of me.

It is incredibly difficult though.

And with the current events of the world, I have to keep reminding myself, don’t worry about things you cannot control and just focus on things I can such as personal spirituality and my health.

I think everyone is spiritual. Spiritual to me, just means having meaningfulness in whatever form that suits a person.


The term “spirituality” is incredibly subjective, but trying to jump out of the physical plane is the first sign that you are clued in to a deeper truth. Ultimately on the spiritual journey you’ll have to integrate the spiritual experiences with reality, which can be difficult. This may not make total sense, but embracing the empty space of awareness within makes room for the world around you outside to enter. Someone said it better than me

When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I look outside and see that I am everything, that is love. And between these two, my life flows.

What you get out of spirituality is up to you, but it should enrich your life to some extent through changing your perspective to some deeper truth. It helps to find an authentic and realized teacher because some things can’t be said in words, so shop around until you find someone whose presence speaks to the truth inside you.

Seek earnestly without desire for personal gain. If you really want the truth, you can find it, but you have to be open to your truth changing. That has been what has been hardest for me, but the greatest source of healing, too.

Oh, and you can find meaning in the meaninglessness. We make up the meaning. It is entirely a subjective construct, which means we’re free to live entirely in the moment without imposing any sort of meaning on it if we want. You can find some very meaningful moments in that meaninglessness.


I don’t know maybe the term spirituality is subjective.

Perhaps for me, it is about making sense of my personal confusion. Seeking personal clarity

Yes I just saw that’s what you said it is subjective…

Only truth will give you that


have you had a teacher?
it’s one thing i’ve not had
how do you ‘shop around’?

it’s all overdone on Facebook.
I don’t get much outta their posts.
now, if it was good poetry I would.

I just followed certain spiritual teachers on youtube. I started with mooji, then i went to shunyamurti, and now I follow adyashanti. Adyashanti is by far the best i’ve come across yet. I want to meet him but he is on sabbatical so that will have to wait. I hear gangaji is also really good so maybe check her out. Yeah just do some research on enlightened people and find out who is authentic to your experience of truth.

ah huh.
be careful who you follow.
some are cult-like.

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Shunyamurti was cult like. I still get embarrassed about believing him, but schizophrenia is a ■■■■■ what can i say. Mooji is borderline cult like but that is only cause he is so popular and people want to be told how to think. It’s extremely difficult to progress without a teacher. There isn’t just wisdom being imparted but their spirit is being shared with you. They can point to certain things you would never notice on your own. It’s nice to think we can figure it out on our own, but there are some people who can help you on your journey and you should take their hand if they are trustworthy.

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