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I listened to stories on a YouTube channel that were bad. They were stories about drug trips. I have a drug history though I’ve not used an illegal drug in 25 years this week and I’ve never used a prescription narcotic unless diazepam is one. It reminds me of being in a narcotics anonymous meeting and really tuning in when someone shares some sick sh*t. I don’t know why I’m so stupid lately, I can’t pay attention to anything. These stories I really understand. I’ve listened to all available, that I know of. I was horrified. Do you think psychedelic plants can give you a spiritual experience? I figure if I did it again I’d commit suicide very quickly.

Yes they do give you a spiritual type experience, but you have to do it at the right time and not abuse it

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It’s unnecessary to use them when you have our illness because it produces a psychoactive chemical naturally in the brain. I swear this is true.

I liken this illness to a few broken switches in the brain

Doctors think it’s not in our best interests to experience ‘death’ whilst we’re still living

I did have a spiritual experience, but i could have had one without drugs too. I think what actually happened was that drugs made me desperate, and desperation drove me to want to change. But that was years ago.

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Yes, definitely. When I got sick with sz I felt I had no choice but to quit dope and found a support group, NA. The only alternative I had was more pain than I could handle.

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