Drug induced psychosis converting into schizophrenia and relapses

Hi I am just wondering What are the chances of Drug induced psychosis converting into schizophrenia. I was diagnosed having Drug induced psychosis and am scared of it turning into schizophrenia.
Did anyone here experience Drug induced psychosis ( must be from drug use ) Only to find out the symptoms came back everytime they stop medication without further drug use ???
Please Share experiences. Will be appreciated Thank you.


i dunno they could have fed me drugs that made me schizo.
yet i heard voices before

my first diagnosis was drug induced psychosis in fact. i wish that was all it was. i don’t touch drugs anymore but the symptoms have continued, not the delusions, just the voices. all of my delusions were voice lead but i’ve stopped believing their ■■■■■■■■ these days. every now and then i’ll have a wobble but nothing serious like in the beginning. experience is a great learning tool to head off delusional voice tracks. u may still hear them but u just don’t believe in their ■■■■■■■■ anymore.


Here are the results of a study on substance-induced psychosis, posted in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry:

“Eight-year cumulative risk to receive a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis was 46% for persons with a diagnosis of cannabis-induced psychosis and 30% for those with an amphetamine-induced psychosis. Although alcohol-induced psychosis was the most common type of Substance-Induced Psychosis, 8-year cumulative risk for subsequent schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis was only 5.0%. No differences were detected with regard to gender, except for amphetamine-induced psychosis, which converted into a schizophrenia spectrum disorder significantly more often in men. The majority of conversions to a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis occurred during the first 3 years following the treatment period, especially for cannabis-induced psychosis.”

I hope this answers your question.


Anthony, RN, BSN


I took SSRIs for about eight years before I experienced psychosis. I believe it may have triggered my psychosis.

I had signs of mild mental problems starting at puberty. And loved alcohol and drugs because it temporarily freed my mind of them. While using pot and acid I very gradually became weird. Then while stoned started to hear the voices at 20. I think usually its a gradual thing.

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Have you come off medications and had symptoms come back without further drug use?

I think that is a hard question to answer if drug use has not discontinued. I ask myself this with my son as he is diagnosed with sz although all of his breaks have been in direct relation to a lot of marijuana use.

I was first diagnosed with drug induced psychosis. I stopped smoking pot about 2 years after that but it never stopped the breaks with reality from happening. I have tried it a couple of times since. Sometimes it made my symptoms worse other times it had no effect at all. But I wouldn’t advise smoking it tbh. I won’t b touching it again as it gives me paranoia anyway. Always has so it’s a no go area for me. Ur son would b wise to c the link between his mental state. Xxx

Both me and my fiance are schizophrenia that first started as a meth induced psychosis. Normally I would hear whispers, see shadow people, and think in a paranoid type of way when up for a day or two on meth, but it always went away after getting some rest. Well, one day it didn’t go away after sleep!! I take Zyprexa now, he still refuses psychiatric help. The medication helped me so much! A lot of what I was experiencing, hearing, seeing, thinking, and believing was ■■■■■■■■, some things just don’t connect! But there was some truth to my delusions. It was all spiritually based, so I found a tiny piece of truth in all of it. I don’t know why I kept on using even after serious life events taking place before my eyes, a hint to stop using. I just kept on, still relapse to this day. Normal people would quit whatever they were doing if they thought the DEA or whatever was following them. Me…I got excited by all of it, a weird pleasure in the fear.

Geodon started it (my psychosis)… i never should have taken it… my life story.

Yeah symptoms came back a second time with no drugs.

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