Drug induced sz

Im about 99 percent sure that my sz is result of me smoking too much weed for long period of time. I also did cocaine and shrooms( however u spell that) a few times. But my question is wether the drug induced psychosis has less chance of coming back, i am symptom free as in positive symptoms. Are my chances of relapsing just as high as those people that got dealt a bad hand naturally without the drugs

Nope, if a person with drug induced psychosis stops using drugs, they will most likely not experience a relapse.


I knew this one guy who became sz when someone slipped some acid into his drink. He had problems with flashbacks many years later. I don’t know if he did other drugs. I think alcohol played a role in my sz. The way I drank was truly pathological.

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if you developed a psychosis you have the latent potential for it.

if the docs called it drug induced psychosis though you should be good so long as you stay sober.

Make sure to keep up with your sleep hygiene.


I had voices and visions as a child…i self medicated for a while i was making it worse i think i fall into the bad hand and drug induced category…

I think methamphetamine is the most conducive to psychosis. I don’t believe weed causes schizophrenia because it’s a temporary psychoactive effect. Expanding the mind can be painful. I’ve learned that in life. I’m Bipolar seems to be ironic because I started being schizophrenic then adhd than schizoaffective than bipolar 1 with GAD lol totally backwards profession and I didn’t do drugs until I was so tired of being programmed by disabling psychotropics that I wanted to press the reset button and it worked.

I had a lot of fears since child… complexes also… the weed made it all worse…but yeah, I had some good trips also but I went too far. I smoked 10 joints per day for almost 6 years in total isolation… the only people I saw at this time was onecouple, I was annoying I guess…

I think mine was genetic although I was taking a antidepressant for ADD when I developed schizophrenia and at the time I was taking it the doctor wrote down “not mentally ill” on my medical sheet so I wonder sometimes. I also had a doctor who appeared to be saying that the antidepressant caused the voices. That may have been an hallucination but occasionally I see articles connecting ADD drugs with psychosis or at least an earlier occurrence of psychosis. When I researched the drug (tofranil) once I found a warning not to use it on people with schizophrenia but not a connection. Schizophrenia does run in the family and it didn’t go away when I stopped using tofranil so I definitely can’t prove it. It is true that many drugs that are believed to start psychosis doesn’t make everyone psychotic so genetics are probably mainly to blame although I wonder if tofranil was not the environmental trigger for it. It;s more of a curiosity now as I have more important things to deal with these days.