Honestly I’m just thinking about how my existence is in dreams vs the waking world and ughhh. I’m a lucid dreamer so I have a lot of powers…my current abilities include…

-Shapeshifting (my favorite form being a werewolf-dragon hybrid that is super strong, fast, bullet proof, fire proof, immune to poisons with super senses that can fly)
-Super strength
-Super speed
-Elemental powers (can breathe fire, ice, make storms, etc)
-mind control
-phasing through objects, letting objects pass through me (so if I get attacked literally nothing can hit me)
-time travel and manipulation
-transmogrification (I can turn things into other things)
-can breathe underwater
-am immune to brainwashing, mind control, possession
-healing powers and can even bring things back from the dead
-immortality, if I “die” (aka take a lethal blow) I always come back, just lose consciousness for a bit
I can do literally anything I set my mind to so I’m constantly getting new powers as I experiment. Then I come here and I’m in this lame body that can’t fight for crap lol.


that’s cool. I’m scared of that though id rather watch a movie.

I don’t lucid dream, but I give myself super powers in my day dreams. Not being weighed down by my mental illness alone feels like a super power.

Think you mastered the escaping from reality part (tend to be with you on that). It’s the dealing with reality that’s the issue.