Had another lucid dream

I had powers. Time control and flight telekinesis and some others. It was pretty interesting.

At one point I took off my shoes and didn’t want to put them back on so I just rewound time.

Also there was this double sized rv jeep. Which was pretty cool.

Then there was a shapeshifter I made friends with.

Sometimes my dreams are real interesting and bring me comfort unlike real life with this illness.


Yes, sometimes these dreams are very interesting.

One day I woke up after having a dream that I was again a little child in my childhood home and I had got some advanced remoted controlled video systems so that I placed little remote cameras in my neighborhood and then I watched in my room what was going on in the neighborhood using these wireless remote cameras. This dream was somehow futuristic because I do not know if this type of technology is available today.

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I agree we can’t dream in our real lives like in our sleep, but unfortunately I see nightmares in my dreams “too”.

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Thats great you have some respite. I think the only dreams that I have had within the past couple years that were positive were dreams where I perceived them as being in the future.I had a dream a couple years ago where I was on a flat escalator and because I had never been in a airport in a big city I thought it was like 50 yrs in the future and there were flat escalators everywhere like in the jetsons cartoon.

Well just over a year ago I went theough Denver International Airport and they have one there right in the middle because its so big.

And this wasn’t deja vu because I had thought about that dream lots since having it.

I kept thinking gee If that dream is true then I might live decades longer…at least long enough to see Jetson type tech.

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Awesome! Just another reason why I think lucid dreams are such an important thing to research and look into. Imagine giving handicapped people the chance to run and even fly. Possibilities are virtually endless. I don’t understand why this isn’t a huge thing.

Yeah people don’t really seem fascinated by it or talk about it. It is one of the best parts of my life when it happens.