On the topic of dreams

On the note of dreams…
I always feel good in my dreams. I am clear minded and wholly connected to the goings on as abstract as they may be. Sometimes there is an ounce of confusion as dreams are terribly disjointed, but for the most part I love the way my dreams feel. Perhaps it is a good conscious exercise to be free of historical pretense, as most dreams are.

My dreams are always tense and terrifying. I rarely have good dreams :confused:

You need to relax. There are some things you can’t change. Find peace. I used to be haunted in my dreams by the devil and demons. I suspended belief in these things and it all went away. You need to spend more time in the reality of peace. We all live we all die. The rest is up to you. Chaos of the mind is only a lack of structure. Unfortunately some of are prone to linger in the fear instilled by chaos.

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Same. I always feel more awake in my dreams than I do in real life! But I’m also a lucid dreamer, so I can do pretty much anything I want in my dreams. I love going on adventures and having insane battles and sometimes just messing around. It’s great. Then I come back to real life and feel handicapped because I can’t fly or transform or use telekinesis or do…well anything really. I feel crippled.

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I feel the same way, but after a while I’ve kind if taken a step back and now I just let my dreams play out as they will.

Oh yeah I let all my dreams play out. I don’t try to mess with the natural story lines anymore, but my abilities just come to me naturally, so now I use them to interact with the story, or they’ve been integrated in anyways. It’s nice, like being the star of your own movie every time you go to sleep.

Yeah it feels pretty good that’s for sure. I love dreams where I’m flying they typically become lucid.

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