Dr. Abram Hoffer and Niacin, does it work?

Dr. Abram Hoffer and Niacin, does it work ?

In the years 2000-2002 I’ve been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I started telling everyone that

  1. They are watching me using Satellites.

  2. They are reading my Brain/Mind.

  3. They are sending me messages on all types of Media.

  4. I also sent hate mails quoting Ki… Bill Gates Fu… Melinda Gates to lots of people on the internet, even to Bill Gates himself on his website and facebook page.

My early post on this forum is on Niacin.

I only take Anti psychotics to control anger/rage and never worried about delusions.

I’m cutting the chase keeping it simple not typing everything

After using anti psychotics I developed restless leg syndrome and insomnia

and when I quit anti psychotics and started using niacin

I didn’t use anti psychotics and used niacin only for 8 long continuous days

I couldn’t sleep so and my cognitive abilities were on the lower side (back then)

so I thought niacin doesn’t work.

I even bought Niacin book on kobo books ebook with real money and never read it

I lost the ability to read several years ago

Anti psychotics destroyed my abilities but unfortunately

the research says anti psychotics keep me alive and that is also true

anti psychotics are double edged sword they work they destrot ( both )

When I took niacin I didn’t know I had insomnia.

Recently when I discontinued Olanzapine + Resperidone and started Aripiprazole

I couldn’t sleep then I realized I had insomnia.

Yesterday I was thinking to post about niacin.

Today I am posting on niacin.

The good thing about niacin: No anger/rage. Delusions present ( I don’t remember exactly )

So in the near future if I get money I will buy niacin once again and try it and see if it works.

Now the insomnia problem is known and fixed with the help of 6 mg Melatonin. So gonna try Niacin.

L-theanine works like a charm for delusions so niacin will help.

Closed topic since there’s already another similar topic open.

Trying Dr.hoffers theory .. any positive expierences anyone?

Also see @SzAdmin’s post on the other thread

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