Dose anyone fit in with their family?

My moms side of the family’s in town for my grandpas B-Day… Well most of them… I don’t fit in… No-one talks to me… Every once in awhile I have a comment but they blow it over like I’m not even there… they just continue on with whatever drunken subject there on… There sobering up now… Well grandpa and uncle r sleeping… Other uncles passed out… and some guy some how related to me is sleeping… And sis her bf and their kids left… But I’m determined that someone notices me so I’m sticking around… I don’t know why I need to feel like I fit in with them… There just blood… My folks talked to me a little but it’s cause they noticed I was not being included… I feel separate and different… Anyone else feel like they don’t fit in with their own blood… ( I feel like I fit in better here and I don’t even know ur avatar names)

My brother and I are basically the male and female versions of each other in many ways. And we don’t fit in with the rest of our family at all. I’m not even sure how we happened to be honest.

Lol makes me feel better…

I fit in with 2 of my cousins because I grew up so close to them and could go over their houses all the time so we are more like brothers. I don’t even get along with my sister because she ran away for good before I even went to school.

I fit in with my parents because they want me to help out with everything.

I dont really fit in with my cousins and uncles all they know is work, marriage, having kids, and coming over to stay at our house which bothers me, and having get togethers and visiting each other. No real hobbies which is what I live for.

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I don’t fit in with my extended family at all. They all think I’m a lowlife scum.
I want to say I fit in with my immediate family, but lately I’m not so sure…

“I like that pic better than unsparing intensely at me” :wink:

I’d almost them rather not like me than completely not know I’m there…

I don’t like parties. I usually make some use of myself so I don’t have to sit by the table and do small talk. I ask the kitchen if they need help or play games with the younger kids.

What pic?
I’d rather they not know I’m there. Less hardship.

Oh no. My family has a long history of feuds and hate. The extended family? They would either try a fight or avoid me like the plague.

My sister is the closest family member I have. She and are are complete opposites in everything, but we love each other. Sadly, she lives far away and can’t visit due to her clinicals (she’s a nursing major).

I don’t really see my dad. He is not very social and has lost 70% of his vision. Most of the time he is working or out of the area. He sleeps during the day and works at night.

I see my mother everyday. We talk sometimes. She isn’t pleased with me much. But, she still loves me.

@itsme I am sorry that happened. You’re a cool cat, and by not including you, they were missing out.

I could have sworn u had a pic of u pulling ur eyeball last time I saw it pic…

And it hurts being isolated I can deal with anger much more than depression

Not sure I like being compared to a cat… Lol…
But thanks… :slight_smile:

Ohh, yes you’re right I did. Well, I was having a good day today, so I took a new one.

I can sort of understand that. Does your family ignore you?

O good not just seeing a n eye staring at me … lol

And yes… I sit there they talk… we eat while I sit there and they talk… I put input they change the subject to what I said but don’t include me… It’s there problems, I have none… I’m just another empty body…

Well, I’m glad I changed it then.

Wow, that happens to me too, sometimes. I just let it go though.
Have you tried talking about it one on one with the offending family members?

Yes …" I’m being silly… We include u" at least that s what my dad said tonite…IDK I could be being weird and just not hearing them… After @Sharp post it seems possible…

i have a great relationship with my siblings. i must admit i invested into family my time and energy patience and understanding as much as i could even when i was very sick with sz.

it is a two way street for me. i am sorry many of you don’t have family life you can enjoy.

hugs, judy

I’m so glad u get along with ur family… U truly are blessed… But hey u put the work in and maybe that’s what I need to do… Instead of staying to prove a point to myself…

my mom is kinda iffy around me, my stepdad feels like my SZ is my fault, he seems to think its caused by drug abuse, my little siblings from my mom all think I am a jerk because I wont let them do what they want at my house, especially my 24 year old brother and my 18 year old brother. The 24 yr old is special needs and is mad that I don’t have wifi yet so he can come over and mooch off of it. And the 18 yr old wont speak to me since I refused to buy him a $200 bag of pot.

My older siblings by my bio father treat me ok, since two of them have SZ themselves, though much milder than me But they don’t see me often…

As for my extended family? I get along with all but 2 of my uncles, and none of my stepdads sisters. My step dad’s sisters all think I am worthless because my mom wasn’t married when I was born…my two uncles…one is a convicted pedophile, the other thinks sex is more important than his own flesh and blood…

I also have a cousin, one of my stepdads nephews, who has tried to kill me three times, the first time I was eight and he was 6…he pushed me head first into a pon dand held me down until my stepdad puled him off…that was two weeks in the hospital …The second time he shot me with his dads hunting rifle (yes ive been shot, left arm just above my elbow it was a squirrel gun so .22 cal not very big) He got a week in juvie for that…And finally the most recent one was at my Grandmothers funeral three years ago, he tried to run me over with his truck…broke my ankle jumping out of the way…he claimed he was driving and I jumped in front of him…

so yeah my family for the most part doesn’t like me…

My family is insane, I actually miss the days when our old house was the neighborhood madhouse, nobody talked to each other unless they were screaming their bloody head off, the basement was mine and furnished to my liking, 30 racks coming through the window well at night. My father had an attack dog that terrorized me and all my friends, there were some pretty bad take downs by that dog. I feel like it was more honest, more upfront, like everyone knew, those people are crazy. Now they’ve cultivated their social image and left NW street far behind them, they’re still out of their minds but beyond reproach I guess.

I’m probably going to pay for this, who knows how bad, I don’t care, if they had half a brain they’d know that I’m the last person who shuts up in the face of terorism and perverted injustice, if they knew better they would have just left me alone.