Doordash frustration

Yesterday I get a text saying that Doordash will pay drivers 3 dollars extra per delivery at lunch and 4 dollars extra per delivery at dinner.

First 45 minutes and zero orders. It’s because everyone signed up! Great strategy there, Doordash.

I will try again at dinner with my fingers crossed.


So what is that? Like a meal delivery thing?

Yeah it’s like Uber Eats. I pickup food and deliver it. Not as easy as it sounds with all that can or has gone wrong!


I just googled doordash and I’m think about getting Chipotle. I’m not sure if it’s open on the 4th of July though.

It probably is, Chipotle being a major chain and all. I use Doordash as a customer and a driver and have had a good overall experience so I recommend it.

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What’s a good tip, bad tip, and an average tip?

I only see tip totals at the end of the day. I don’t see individual tips, and I’ve never done the math really to figure out. It’s a hit or miss gig.

The default tip unless the customer changes it to 10%, 20%, or 25%, is 15%. Bigger order, bigger tip. More driving, more pay from Doordash.

It’s a science. I could go on. Are you interested in driving?

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I don’t have a job and I like food. I’m way too out of it to drive though. Wish I could.


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