Doordash once in awhile

But I don’t know if they’re gouging me or not. $45.00 for a Mexican dinner. I ordered three enchiladas, guacamole, chips, and a nacho platter. And delivery is even free, but doesn’t $45.00 sound like too much? This is why I’ve known about Door Dash for two years and used it only three times.

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I ordered Chinese, sweet and sour chicken, shrimp, chicken fried rice was 40

That’s too much. I order from Uber eat and the most expensive food is 28 sushis for 30$CA.

Maybe they raised the price of the Mexican food so they can actually recover the free delivery fee. Or then again maybe it’s just California.

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Takeout services like Doordash and Grubhub are very expensive.
I rarely use them.

I don’t know, 3 enchiladas plus guacamole plus nachos for $45 bucks brought to your door sounds pretty good to me. I do doordash every once in awhile and it costs a lot but you pay for the service as well as the goods so I figure it’s worth it for a treat.

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