Don't you just hate it when:

someone on your mental health team like a nurse, social worker, peer support person, or literally anyone else like an acquaintance, or heaven forbid, a pdoc, tells you:
“Oh, you’re doing so much better!”

And inside you’re thinking:
“Am I?”
“Does he/she know something I don’t know?”
“Because I’m symptomatic af and I feel like crap”.

Then, you start doubting yourself and thinking you’re faking your symptoms. And all because of them.

This is the way it was for me for many years. Not anymore though.


I know what you mean. I’ve experienced this before. It makes me so mad!!!

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Theraoists and the ilk like distracting people from the truth and yes, it pisses me off. They don’t like to say “you’ll never get better.” Or say the truth about your condition instead they just lie to you.

Yes. That upsets me. My mom did it too. Whenever I had an episode she would try to distract me from my thoughts. It never worked. When I had to be placed in a psych ward against my will my mom and wife would say the opposite and lie to me. No, I hate it, tell me as it is, don’t sugarcoat what’s really going on like you’re protecting an innocent child from the truth. The truth is ALWAYS far better than the lie.

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I feel I have to downplay my symptoms, because I don’t want to be put on higher doses of my AP. I don’t want to deal with even more side-effects.

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I think it’s possible that if they say something like that, they may have noticed something that you didn’t notice yourself. It could be as minor a thing as you being more talkative. It’s still an improvement.

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