"You are doing so much better!"

My Dad came to visit for a few days from Florida and this is what he had to say to me in relation to my mental problems. My therapist has said the same thing.

It really bothers me that they are saying this because it isn’t true. Truth be told, I feel very unstable at this point in my life. My paranoia, anxiety, and depression have been through the roof. And, I have been having hallucinations again. I’m not sure what they are seeing, but I think it’s ■■■■■■■■.

I think that sometimes people want to be positive, but I don’t need that right now. I need honesty and more help.

Any suggestions how I express this, so I can get through to these people; especially my therapist?

Sounds to me like you’re doing better. Maybe you’re not feeling better, but your coping and functioning levels must be improving if you’re able to not act like a piping hot mess in public! That doesn’t mean you’re recovered, but that you’re allowed to pat yourself on the back for making progress.




Tell them what you are experiencing. Looks can be deceiving sometimes. When I was manic I was extroverted happy looking and a person who was coming into the Psych Ward told me, “You don’t look like you belong here.” But I indeed was not sleeping, had severe depression mixed with the mania, and knew I was sick.

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Just be honest, say “You told me I’m better but I don’t feel it.”


I see her today, so I will take your advice. For some reason, IMO, therapists and pdocs always like to see progress, even if there isn’t any. I guess it makes them feel better. Thanks for the advice.


Your post is spot on. I look one way on the outside, but feel much different on the inside.

I hate when the bad times roll back around and everyone starts harking at me… do this do that you were doing so much better…

really they just want me to shut up about my illness for their peace. When I lose respect for them and get worn out on this and start venting… it’s ■■■■■■■■.

Psychosis gets worse, then you turn to your support structure, then its just conversations about psychosis while the psychosis continues… psychosis psychosis psychosis in all directions. Then they start talking about hospitalization. It’s a total black-hole of psychosis and being removed from the world.


Sad story… so it goes.


I’ve gotten the same thing before, and I think it was because they were so alarmed by my symptoms that when they see me not expressing them it is a big relief for them. Let them know everything isn’t perfect.

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I hear it all the time… Even from my pdoc…it’s probly my own fault because I don’t describe anything… But it’s not like I say its better, I say it’s the same and that must imply I’m better… Some people are just shallow… They look at reality 1 and see I’m doing good so reality 2 must not even exist

I guess be honest… But honestly people who say this go to the extreme with me… I’m either fine or need serious help… There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground

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