Don't want to die

I am not delusional, everyone who thinks they can here my thoughts wants to kill me, I want to go to the emergency but there will I be safe? I have people after me, people in my body tell them where I am, I am awakened by girls and guys yelling, and swearing at me, and a dumb cartoon character trying to toture me

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You’ll be very safe there. I’m sorry you’re in distress.

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Go to the hospital, it’s safe there.

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I don’t know I will be safe there, people in the media are after me. They said they are going to shoot me soon, I have people wanting me dead. My sister won’t take me, home is the best place I guess.

Seek help immediately. You can’t see clearly. It will get better.

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I don’t even feel safe going to the shopping center, I must be stupid how can I be any more conspicuous. These people are pretty serious. I have the wrong people thinking I am immoral or racist, or thinking I did something to them but I didn’t.

@see121. I’m sorry you’re feeling so scared. It sounds like you are in crisis. The hospital is a safe place for you to go and get help. Can you have a family member take you to the hospital?

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I don’t think I will be, might not work out as I want, things might get worse.

I understand that you might feel scared, but the hospital really is a safe place. The medical staff will be able to get you stabilized and work with you on a treatment plan.


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