Don't want to die...been smoking two packs a day

I always usually smoke about two or three cigarettes a day because I can’t afford them but since the stimulus hit I’ve been smoking two packs a day !! i am surely going to die if I keep this up…threw my cigs away just now…scared…I hope it’s not too late…I’ve always tried to stop but I am so scared…


I understand. For myself a scare isn’t enough to quit smoking.


You still don’t want to try vaping? Vaping got me off the cigs years ago.

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nope…I am going to stop altogether…stubborn I know but I cough horribly when I vape…can’t do it…this is the only way.

Either you smoke or you don’t, there is nothing in between. When you quit now or in 5 years time, the challenge will be the same. Smoking satisfy the nicotine stress and not the real lifestress you are battling. I am a heavy smoker for 35 years and have a lung disease (Asthma). Quitting smoking is part of my journey.

Your lungs recover quickly. It’s hard to give up. It really is as nicotine is an insidious drug. Once your free from it you see how bad it is. Over 10 years now without but I couldn’t do it myself. I used chantix/champix and it worked great. It’s all about money over here…

A pack of smokes in Australia is like $30 for a pack of 20’s. It’s just taxed to heck and back and I’m on a pension…there’s avenues to help you and I recommend you give up with some help. Honestly. Never looked back from a lifetime smoker.


Two or three a day is good. You should quit. I was smoking upto four packs a day for a little bit and then cut down to one. The last cut down to zero is taking a bit of time.

I noticed. My weight went up massively by smoking (contrary to popular belief). It’s really really bad for health both aesthetically and physiologically.

One you get past the three week stage, they say your dopamine receptors are near normal and that the nicotine receptors are more or less dealt with.

You should really quit. Good luck.


thank you…I feel like an evil presence is gone when I don’t smoke…smoking the way I do when I have money is expensive too…almost eighteen dollars a day !! no I’m not delusional, just insight.

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