Every time I smoke I need to quit, everytime I quit I need to smoke

It is a doom-loop. Every time I smoke I just think about stopping. If I stop, I can not stand it long without smoking. It helps me out of bed. Only the whole day is about smoking. I feel so burnt out from stopping and starting again.

If I could stop permanently, I would have around 120 € more a month. Apparently I do not care about the money. I just wanted to get rid of something.

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Just go ahead and smoke

don’t punish yourself

your’e a good person.

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Set a specific date to quit and stick to it. That’s what I did and now I’m 2 and half weeks without a smoke.


Switch to vaping.

I try to quit, I always cave in, it can be a loop

If you quit smoking you’ll have saved €1440 in a year

Now I am totally unclear in my mind, my brother called me and said that my mother had a stroke. I fully stressed.

I would really like to have that money. In the short term cigarettes calm me down and structure my day.

I am experiencing this loop. I too can not resist the first real temptation.

My vaping setup is bad.To low dose of nicotine. Even if I try to vape I prefer the real cigarette. My father gifted me the vape and liquid, he also bought new coils. Someone told me here that my dose of nicotine for the coil is too low.

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My tobacco is gone on next monday. Is that too early ? But after hearing that my mother got a stroke I am unsure.

Exactly, it feels like being punished while I try to quit. But if I think of becoming ill because of it, it let me think twice, but I like to smoke. Just the nagging in my mind about the negatives.

Apparently I do not care about the money.

Is it b/c you’re rich or is it more like some ‘sick splurge’?
Anyway, I think cigarettes are bad either way , a horrid way to ‘start a day’ / ‘out of bed’ … and wish you best.

Sorry to hear about your mother @Vuldarz. Cigarettes are indeed hard to quit. I tried many times before i actually quit and gave into the temptation over and over. I finally succeeded by just slowly weaning myself off of cigarettes a little at a time and then switching over to Black and Milds cigars. Then i smoked fewer and fewer of those til i quit. Good luck to you in your struggle.

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Well you ideally want to try and pick a time where things aren’t too stressful. The first week is rough cold turkey. You have to be ready to quit or else you will fail.

I’m on my 15th day of no cigarettes but I’m vaping. It’s a lot less expensive. I hear you on the nicotine dosage. I was given 3mg liquid but went to the store and bought 20mg nicotine salts. Its worked for me so far.

I weaned myself off cigarettes over time. That made it easier for me. First I had as many cigarettes as I wanted on the first day and I counted how many I had. The next day I started by smoking one less cigarette for the next week. Each week after that I smoked one less cigarette until I had half a cigarette. Oh and I switched to light cigarettes too. I did that on the second week.

Yeah, it is an individual task; everyone’s path is a little different.

I couldn’t stop for many years, but now I am free of nicotine for greater than four years.

Good for me!


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