Don't feel alone in my head

I need help/advice. I’m in the midst of a med change due to some of my most intense auditory hallucinations yet. I don’t feel like my mind is completely mine, though, and it’s difficult. I’m so scared the voices will come back and I feel like they’re in my head just waiting for when I’m vulnerable. I need advice on how to cope and get through this.


I hear voices every day. They are not harmful. Just ignore them…


But this is new (as far as full conversations go) and it’s frightening to me. I don’t know how to cope with this.

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You cant ignore them, do you?

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I was in the same boat not knowing when they would come back after med changes. All you have to worry about is getting better so try to enjoy them being absent. I still fear music or anything that could trigger mine but it gets better everyday. Focusing on the positives really helps me and just taking it day by day. Best wishes!

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I try, but it’s not easy for me.

Try to listen to music…


Thank you. I will try to focus on them being gone instead of constantly freaking they’ll come back.

You don’t need to ignore them if that’s too difficult. I used to just say, “shut up, shut up!” over and over… but that wasn’t as constructive, for me, as listening to what they said and, just like I would with anyone talking to me, considering what they were saying. It’s hard because it’s often, for me anyway, very personal and deeply abusive, but you’re still the one in charge ultimately… It’s harder to ignore the fact that you’re hearing talking than to go ahead and listen and decipher what’s being said and then deciding whether it has merit or not.
Usually, what was being said to me would initially feel like it had merit, because I have low self-esteem so abuse sometimes sounds right to me, but the more I thought about it, the more I’ve been able to override what is said. The more I override what is said, the less I end up hearing.
I recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That’s where I learned to take charge and it’s worked better than anything for me.
You’re going to get through this. Be brave. :heart:


Thanks so much, Hedgehog. I’ll look into CBT.

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I get times when my mind is hijacked too; when it’s not my own. Listening to music helps a lot, prayer too and distraction like reading or watching TV.

The most important thing to know is life is a cycle - it won’t last - eventually the voices will stop and your mind will become your own again.

Good luck!

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