I am worried


I feel like my stability is shaky and therefore very delicate. I don’t want to ruin this. I feel better than I have in years even though I still have voices. I don’t know how to get past this.


Just take your meds as prescribed and stay positive. Did the doctors give you any advice on what you should do if your not feeling the best? :turtle::turtle::turtle:


I’m in a similar boat I think. Talk to someone you trust if you can, I know thats the hardest thing for me to do in these situations but it can help a lot to feel more in touch with reality and not lost in yourself. I hope things will get better for you, I think they will, you’re not alone. Keep posting here too if it helps, just try and stay grounded and positive, I know thats easier to say than do.


Like @GrayBear said, keep taking your meds like you’re supposed to. Also, are you in therapy? If it’s available to you, therapy might help you to come up with coping skills for everyday living situations. Might be worth a try.


I felt the same way at the beginning. Now nearly 5 years later I don’t think about it and just take it for granted. Keep taking the meds.


Like everyone is saying, med’s are key. I think you should tell someone about your voices. If not a pdoc, then a case manager. A case manager will take your situation to a pdoc anyway. Hang on, and don’t be afraid to sound off here.


I understand that meds are important. A voice says “don’t take them,” but I will take them anyway. My mom says I have to change to a therapist who deals with psychosis so I’m not currently seeing a therapist. When things get bad I’m supposed to ground myself in reality through the senses. Everyone knows I still have symptoms. I want the voices gone, but at the same time I still hold onto them. I’ve had them for years, and I feel strange because they’re not around as much. I guess it’s more complicated than wanting the voices gone. I do want them gone but I also want them around.


I think I know that feeling, it’s like keep your enemies in your sight. It’s weird for me when hallucinations stop because it feels like theyre hiding only to come back when I least expect it. That definitely makes it difficult to appreciate that something good happened and I should be feeling better. If your voices have stoped that’s good! One step at a time but thats a big accomplishment, you don’t need them around.


My voices say that they are by my side even when they’re silent. I feel blessed


They haven’t stopped completely, but they are greatly lessened. I feel like I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Are you scared you will devolve or break with reality?


Yes, it’s a temptation. Lately after decreasing doses, I have less voices. That’s a paradox.


That’s good you have less voices. It is tempting to engage them but it is also dangerous.