Don't be so damn negative

just saying :slight_smile: lol xxx


I’m 101% negative today.

turn that ■■■■ around man lol

And you’re right

i try my best you know :confused:

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It’s 12:30 pm and I feel like opening a bottle of champagne to drown in my misery :weary:

why? what happened?

Nothing happened. My life rocks, I’m just stuck in the past and I don’t know how to enjoy myself. I’m depressed. I don’t know how to be happy

Omg you are such an awesome person in such an awesome city. Go do something awesome and do it awesomely. If only to think to yourself, Lol Rhubot only wishes she were so awesome.

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Ah, those days. Them days suck. Hope you feel better!


Usually I listen to music, eat something good, work on several projects. I’m still doing all these but no joy whatsoever :flushed: I think these meds ruined me for good.

Perhaps the best immediate goal is just to be less depressed - not “Happy”.

Just go for a walk outside. Any form of exercise is well proven to make people less depressed!


Man, I had an anxiety attack today. Saw my facebook feed with dead refugee children, just couldn’t take it. No more facebook for me.

yeah you’re right. I don’t browse Facebook, I just make posts sometimes. I guess I should be grateful, I don’t know how. I’m sorry you had an anxiety attack. I’ve never had those (yet). I don’t even read the news anymore.

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It’s hard to not be so negative when all I do is suffer.


maybe that’s why I can’t focus on the present. I suffered too much :weary: damn it!!! If I didn’t know any better, I would start smoking again.

This is making me feel better


I don’t think I will forget that picture any soon.

I know, right there with you.

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