Donnie darko?

I seen this movie high on drugs. And I seen it clean and the impression I got is there’s no such thing as schizophrenia ???

Well, whatever I have it’s not a bad cold.


yeah, well, it’s a movie

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I watched it about 10 years ago. I don’t remember anything about it other than some screwed up rabbit. Seemed kinda dumb.

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The impression I got is that Jake Gyllenhaal will never do a movie that doesn’t suck.


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I loved Donnie Darko - Good Movie :smile:

watch enemy its a awful movie pixel :wink:

Didn’t a jet engine fall out of the sky at the end?

I watched enemy the other day. Really wierd ending haha. Nightcrawler is a good movie

Over rated it pretends to be some dark horse that we should all bow to because its not like normal movies. Its kinda like Quinton Tarantino and my night shamalamama did a reboot of the sound of music… Its weird, the time lines screwed up, and he was dead the whole time so none if it actualy happend. Thanks for that confusing mess of film you tricked us all into watching.