Any good schizophrenic movies out there?

Thinking of getting a movie out…any ideas on a good schizophrenia movie?

birdy, keane, donnie darko,benny and joon, angel baby-my fav clean,shaven, conspiricy theory,the cavemens valentine,k pax,( a must see) igyby goes down, spider(very dark) spider forest 15 park avenue, danika, im a cyborg but thats ok, my name is alan and i paint pictures mirrors.

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All of those listed are films?

because Ive never heard of any of them. But Thanks for posting.

i just type list of fims featuring mental illness into wikipedia they have all of the filmns for every kind of mental illness there is tc

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angel baby
clean, shaven
angels of the universe

both old and realistic

I want to see a beautiful mind

Shine . Benny and joon… Pretty light films

I thought the opening scenes from terminator 2 (or 3) where the psych drs don’t believe the woman that terminators are after her was pretty wild… Gave me some symptoms anyway :slight_smile:

It’s an oldie but Logan’s Run main theme was useful paranoia.

I really liked A Beautiful Mind and Donnie Darko

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The Soloist is my favorite

donnie darko is schizophrenic?

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Steppenwolf. A 1974 film based on the novel by Hermann Hesse.

The movie starts with the protangonist, a 48 year old schizophenic, comforting himself with the idea that on his fiftieth birthday he’ll allow himself to kill himself. Then, he meets a lovely young woman, and the adventure begins.