DOJ Refuses to Defend ACA


Well I decided when the ACA was passed not to hook on to it because I saw that when the political winds blew the other way in the US which it always eventually does it would be killed. And now the Trump Administration is close to putting the final dagger in the policy. I tried on a number of times to find out if anyone in the sz community was actually being helped by the ACA and the so called Mental Health Parity Act and I must say that if any of you were helped it’s a real tragedy. As for me I’ll stay on welfare or medicaid as it stands. I guess those of you with jobs will have to decide whether or not to go on medicaid or SSDI and I’ll tell you it’s no picnic. I’d like to think the program can be saved but i think it’s too late now and here’s one last chance to put your input into it in case anyway gives a ■■■■ or in case you care. Hopefully this won’t be shut down by the mod.