Doing well on my Sinequan

For those of you not familiar, Sinequan (doxpein) is an old tricyclic antidepressant. It’s claim to fame is it works fast and is sedating. I slept like a rock last night! The depression is lifting too. I’m happy with my new med. I’m on 75mg, but my doctor wants to bring it up to 200 or 300. Wish me luck!


I do wish you luck with it alien. I was on a tricyclic antidepressant for years, but in my case this class of antidepressant messed with my mood cycles too much (bipolar) Tricyclic antidepressants are true blue potent antidepressants even more effective than the newer SSRI’s for many. Hope you feel better soon :sunny:

wave which ad’s did you find best for bipolar? Son recently had to come off invega, its the only med that he was on and didn’t require an AD. All AP’s cause him to hit the depressed/mixed pole by the sedation. He’s starting trileptal and going from there. Hoping he won’t need one.

For me personally I cannot tolerate antidepressants - Imipramine an old school tricyclic antidepressant worsened my condition tremendously. Now I am on Lamictal and this too has worsened my mood cycling and now it is causing internal restlessness - akathisia? Lamictal is an anticonvulsant medication with strong antidepressant properties.
Many people with bipolar - i have both bipolar and schizophrenia, cannot tolerate antidepressants, this will accelerate their mood cycling and can trigger mania in them. I would be very careful with any antidepressant drugs if you have bipolar symptoms

@Wave, no bipolar tendencies here. Just epilepsy being treated by Depakote

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Yes I know alien, antidepressants in general including the SSRI’s and especially the tricyclics because they are more potent - effective can have this affect on bipolar people. It does not trigger mood instability in non bipolar people - Yeah I do know this

yes, that is exactly what we have found on AD’s. Thank you for your wisdom. So far trileptal has been wonderful by itself. We aren’t sure if he is cycling continuously or Schizoaffective Bipolar. I’m pretty confident that the trileptal test will be the deciding factor.

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