Took celexa last night (good results)

I took it and felt euphoria only on 5mg. I was in a manic state but it’s been the first time I felt joy in years. I was talking as fast as a auctioneer. Had my family laughing to tears.


Yeah I felt euphoria at the start of taking Lamictal, it felt good

I thought Lamictal was funny. Because my life wasn’t any better but I felt good anyway. But this allowed me to adjust to my life and then not need the anti-depressant anymore.

Feeling good on it makes my life better, because my mood is not down but more up, even if it is a bit of hypomania

Always good when an antidepressant kicks in on the first day.

Antidepressants no longer work for me, but I remember taking Paxil for the first time when I was 22. I was depressed for the first time. When the euphoria kicked in, it was amazing. I found myself doing things like mowing the lawns just for fun, it was a bit weird how I wanted to do odd jobs etc…

It’s really good when an antidepressant kicks in and you can really focus on things and be more productive. Ahhh, the good old days of SSRI’s working on me.

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@andypr I was on one antidepressant a long time ago, its called imipramine, its an old school tricyclic antidepressant. It worsened my psychosis and kept me way too high - I was delusional on it basically. So far on Lamictal, because its an anticonvusant/mood stabilizer, it keeps me up there but there is a ceiling to it. It doesn’t make me manic but a bit hypomanic and its not all of the time. Hopefully I will continue to feel this way, but if I dont I will move on to Paxil or Wellbutrin, because these 2 antidepressants are supposed to interfere less with Mania.
Did Paxil make you very Manic? or even worse Mixed? These are my concerns with it.

Hi wave

Funny thing you mention imipramine. I take this now at a small dosage (2 small maroon tabs ). I take it not for depression but for frequent urination. I am aware its an antidepressant though…but given what you said I might stop taking it. I haven’t noticed anything with it thats bad and I have taken it for 4 months.

Paxil was good when I took it first. It brought me out of depression and made me more myself. I wouldnt say it made me manic. I took just 12.5mg at it worked. I have tried it recently and it just didnt work at all…actually made things worse. Citalopram is an ok alternative.

Thanks Andypr, I took imipramine as a kid and teen for frequent urination, I was fine as a kid but as I grew into my illness when I tried again it worsened my condition. With these meds I guess everyone is different.
I may try either Wellbutrin, my doctor did mention this drug to me, or Paxil, she did not mention it to me, but I read good things about it for people suffering with manic tendencies. I really should discuss it with my doctor and follow her lead. Thanks for giving me important info on the med.

Cool. Oh hey, for frequent urination, I have also been prescribed something far better than imipramine. It’s called Oxybutynin. Wicked stuff, and works well for the most part. To be honest imipramine was quite lame for preventing frequent urination. I’m still taking 2 small tablets, I’m not quite sure why. Should probably stop.

Good luck with Wellbutrin. I have been on this drug twice before: once in 2004, when I was still in my early 20s. It was a nightmare for me at that time as it kept me wide awake and I got no sleep and had to go to work the next day. It’s not that I was high or manic or anything, just extremely alert to the point where sleep was impossible. As recently as 2011 I tried Wellbutrin again just to see what it would do and it didn’t work out well. Just had no effect at all.

Paxil is tolerated well, so you might have luck there. Wellbutrin isn’t associated with weight gain at all, and I think paxil might (so if you’re concerned, just watch what you’re eating or exercise a bit more).

Good luck and I hope you find the right drug. The right drug is golden!

I researched Paxil more, and it seems that Paxil doubles the blood levels of Risperdal, and this is my AP, so I guess Im going to pass that one over. My doctor mentioned Wellbutrin and maybe for a specific reason, so we shall see. I am going to give Lamictal a bit more time, then going to disccuss my situation. Hey, thanks man you really helped me out. Good luck with your drug cocktail as well