Doing that which you are or were afraid to do


My finances are not how they should be. I have a mountain of student debt mostly for my masters degree, which, I grow less happy about getting by the week! anyhow, so six months after I graduated in august 2013 I had to start paying that back but was unable so I enrolled half time in the community college paralegal program at the time because two classes there was cheaper I thought. But in looking it over, now I am nearing again another semester of part time paralegal classes and while I am doing well it is not my cup of tea really. In any case should I keep taking these classes til next december to thus finish the paralegal diploma, I only actually need three more classes after this term. Or go ahead and withdraw and start trying to make my loan payments. They email me once in a while that while I am not required to pay while in school I am accruing interest and keep in mind they have different repayment plans like income contingent I could look into. So, maybe that’s what I should do? I like the law don’t get me wrong but i’m not in law school or anything really what will it get me. And, I have to address the debt some time and I don’t save that much by the time you add costs of text books to the tuition payments I am making not really. I seriously should try to do that which I am afraid of and do what I need to do to pay my debt I have to eventually anyways. ADvice welcome.


What I’ve heard about being a paralegal is that it is a lawyer’s work on a secretary’s pay. The law can be interesting, but paralegal work is drudgery. I’m not an authority on student loans. They must be quite a burden. In order to get out from under this burden you need to find a rich firm and work your ass off so you get promoted and earn good money. You have a masters. That counts for a lot. If you can’t do this maybe you can work out a suitable payment plan.


I suggest applying for SSDI and then you can “write off” your debt with a psychiatrist’s signature that you are permenantly disabled. I am sure you are balking at this idea but it’s what I did.


we can not base our life on money alone, it seems to me you have nearly finished the course, i would keep on going… that’s me.
it costs a lot of money to learn how to climb, years of practice, the gear alone is very expensive…
yet people do this and eventually spend even more to climb mount everest…they trudge up this amazing pinacle with bus loads of other climbers…and some die, some get sick, some are not fit enough.
to me it is a pointless journey but to others it is everything.
they i am sure do not get to the top and think about the money they have spent.
they are inspired by the view and their acheivement.
take care from dark :alien: