A long story about animal abuse

When I first moved in in October, there was a dog that was stuck in a kennel behind my house…as I smoked cigarettes daily on my porch through the winter I noticed the dog was outside during the worst parts of this winter + not being fed and watered daily…they clean out his kennel of his excrement about once a month and barely feed him…today it was just too much…I reported him to animal control and they interviewed me and put a 72 hour notice on their door to confiscate the dog if situation didn’t change…I feel very happy about this…do you think I did the wrong thing in reporting the abuse? I feel very happy that the dog will find help.


I think you did the right thing. Animal abuse really gets to me too. That poor dog. I hope he finds a better home where he will be loved and treated properly.

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@jukebox I think you did the absolute right thing jukebox. You most likely saved a life. I am a huge dog/ animal lover and recently adopted a shelter dog - these dogs have been abused many times. It was a brave thing you did, I would be proud of myself if I did something like that

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I believe the dog if it could talk would say you did the right thing.
I know you did the right thing too, thank goodness for people like you who take action for the dog who could not defend itself.
You made this world a little better today.

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I agree. You did the right thing.

I agree with the majority. I’m glad you stepped in. Very cool. Good for you and good for the dog. :dog2:

I think you did a good thing. I have three dogs and treat them like family.

What if it’s evil though? What if the dog is pure evil, and you let it out, maybe they had it in the kennel because of it’s insatiable lust for carnage?

Nah, you did a very good thing there…or did you, dun dun dun!