Dog tails. I mean TALES

I gotta a cool sister. I got two cool sisters. My sisters dog died last year when she had a dog stroke or heart attack. She was 14 years old. The dog and my sister were perfect for each other. My sister is cute even at age 61 and looks way younger than her actual age. She’s also small and very outgoing and cheert and friendly. And her old dog was exactly the same way and I loved that dog. After she died my sister told me that after my sister, I was her dogs favorite person! I was surprised but it felt good. After about 4 months she got another dog and when my sister invited me over to see her new dog I was really looking forward to meeting the new family member.

I love dogs but when I first saw this dog my first impression was negative. I guess my first impression of him physically to be honest was that he was very unappealing. He wasn’t cute or cheery or energetic or good looking. He wasn’t anything but I kept an open mind. He’s my sisters dog so I hid my feelings and I met him and again, I was disappointed.

He wasn’t mean at all but he was scared and cowering and no wagging tail. Hey, he’s a living, breathing animal and deserves compassion and a chance. So I give him a chance every time I see him and after 5 months he’s improved but going back to my first impression, the strongest thought in my mind was: why did my sister get this dog?

I am loyal to him now but at the time I was so surprised at my sisters choice of out of all the nice looking friendly dogs available she got this one. Actually, after seeing them together, I know why, it’s because the dog really likes her and they bonded but he is scared of everyone else. My sister got him from the shelter and it’s obvious he must have been neglected or traumatized in the past (he’s about 4 years old). But she got her old dog from the shelter too. I bend over backwards for this dog, doing everything in my power to be friendly and not scare him. And we’ve made a little progress and he knows I won’t hurt him but he still cowers and barks at me and never wags his tail.

And I am at my sisters alone with him right now because my sisters is taking a vacation in Mexico and I am here to feed him, walk him, and keep him company. He’s actually laying at my feet at this moment which is huge progress because usually when I watch him he hides in the corner and stays there occasionally barking and an occasional growl. But it dawned on me when I walked in the front door, my sister is going to have the fact that he may make progress but his basic nature is he’s scared and whatever happened in the past really screwed him up. I will stay loyal but I am getting tired of walking on egg shells around him.

I don’t see him frequently but often enough that we know each other. It’s kind of sad and my sister sees him with the family and she is a realist but up until now she had herself convinced that he is like any other dog but now it pains me because she is starting to see the real picture that the rest of the family has problems with him. IDK. It’s a real situation, a real problem. It can be solved maybe, but it is kind of making things awkward.

Aww! He still sounds like he wants to be loved. I love hearing stories of pet adoption. Your sister sounds like a real trooper. Hopefully in time he’ll come around. Does he like tug of war or throw the ball or any type of games? Do you offer a treat when you go see him? Food is a good way to make a doggy friend.

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Bingo! Hey, I’ve gotten a million second chances in life, so he deserves it too.

We had a breakthrough when we got back from a walk a few minutes ago. I think there’s hope. He already trusts me more when I walk him than he did before.

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Nicely written, Nick.

I had a couple cats, but they didn’t work out. So I took them back to the shelter.

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