Does your pdoc know you take Sarcosine and what it is?

I’m pondering purchasing some Sarcosine.

But first realise the responsible thing to do is ask my psychiatrist about it.

Have you guys ever bought it up, I’m curious how many psychiatrist’s actually know about it and if they deter you from buying the stuff.

A while back when I told my Psychiatrist I was taking supplements I ordered online he was horrified. Well I’m over exaggerating, I cannot remember how he reacted exactly. Maybe he was just warning me of the dangers of ordering online. I’m very tech savvy, I do know what I’m doing. I can usually pick out bogus websites a mile away.

Anyways I’m going to ask to see if my local pharmacy can order it in, will put my psychiatrists mind at ease. The only store with an online presence is in a adjacent state there price is more expensive, but is a registered business in my country 100grams for USD$37 (converted from my own currency).

BrainVitaminz the store well regarded here, I would prefer to buy from for knowledge others here are using and for cheaper price. But believe it’s much safer and responsible for me to buy it locally in my psychiatrists eyes mainly.

I would also say, my psychiatrist is more likely to have herd about it as he is a study doctor. I asked about Cannabidiol (CBD) and he said it has been talked about a lot lately. But it’s unavailable here. Not sure if he knew the drug was scheduled as a prescription drug. There is apparently a group of doctors and pharmacy trying to get approval to import and post to those all over my country. But I’m still awaiting their approval. But that’s all for another topic.

Also my psychiatrist trusts pubmed, for reliable information. It’s the only site I ever catch him getting information from. A psychiatrist looking up information online sounds a little weird, but the drug (lurasidone) was only just released in our country less than a month prior. There is lots of studies on pubmed so if I refer him there he may let me.

It sounds like you have a good psychiatrist. Pubmed is really the best place for reliable information - and of course the actual research papers that are identified in pubmed. Just point him towards searching on sarcosine and schizophrenia on pubmed and I’m sure you’ll have a good conversation about it:

You’re very lucky if you find an open minded Psychiatrist. I remember when I first asked my Doctor about Cannabidiol he angrily responded “Marijuana?” “That is for end of life patients”.

My Pdoc knows about it but wants me to wait to take it after he is satisfied that I am on the right dosage of haldol.

My pdoc is okay with me taking sarcosine. He is also aware of this site and regards it very highly.


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Hey @pixel do you get sarcosine from brain vitaminz? Do they ship to canada?

Oddly enough, my therapist had heard of it but not my psychiatrist.

Yes and yes. I also tried the stuff from, but it didn’t seem as effective as what I was shipped from brainvitaminz. I do wish there were more choices to buy from.


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