Taught my Pdoc something!

my Pdoc had never heard of the effects of Sarcosine!

We went over all the data she could find on it and she agreed that I should try it. I am going to my local pharmacy to order it tomorrow (since the other pharmacy does not have a way to get any as their company doesn’t sell ‘brain supplements’, which is stupid since they sell these dangerous diet supplements.)

Any suggestions on dosage? I am a little on the heavy side…well a lot on the heavy side, but I have seen a lot of people say they only needed half the dosage recommended by the bottle.

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I told my therapist about sarcosine, I take about 2 grams a day and i’m on the heavy side too.

awesome thanks! the site my shrink looked at recommended 4 grams so yeah I wuldnt want that much if 2 works

I thought about asking my shrink about it. Probably he would not approve since it hasn’t been properly tested yet. And I have doubts in that direction.

I know it works for me, I haven’t taken it in a few days and I can feel my body just being exhausted. but that could be the pain pills at work since I broke my ankle.

My pdoc didn’t know about sarcosine either. He didn’t seem alarmed that I was taking it.

I think a pdoc would have to be fairly stupid to be upset over a patient taking a nutrition supplement. I mean it’s not like vitamin companies are trying to claim that sarcosine can cure mental illness. It is marketed to the public at large for minor health benefits. So for a pdoc to be upset over it would be like if your physician freaked out over you eating fiber bars.

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My shrink had never heard of it either, but unfortunately it didn’t do anything for me. Hope you have better results.

My doctor hadn’t mentioned seroquel either way back when it was invented. But after Zyprexa I had to say this is ■■■■ I want seroquel.
You just have to be diplomatic about it because some doctors think they know everything and don’t listen to a word a crazy person says. But sometimes you know yourself more than a doctor ever will in 10 minutes.

For example - it has been shown to cause prostate cancer. There might be other unknowns that aren’t known yet.

my pdoc looked at that after she saw it in the comments of one of the sites we looked at, it hasn’t been confirmed, so far its only about 1% of 1% of the people who take it that are reporting it. it is still being studied to see if it is true. So far the results are that it actually may PREVENT prostate cancer if taken at the right dose, but, it is true that any naturally occurring supplement, in excessive amounts, can cause serious health issues.

a good example is the active ingredient in Green Tea. It is used as a weight los supplement and in the amounts it occurs in three or four cups of tea, it is perfectly safe and really will help you lose weight and improve liver health, but take the dose in the concentrated supplement powder, and it could kill your liver instead.

It all comes down to dosage.

If I tried sarcosine + it did good things for me it would be very hard to choose whether to to continue taking it or listen to caution. I’ve been looking for something to offer some real improvements for a very long time…decades, even!!![quote=“Dremulf, post:11, topic:44661”]
It all comes down to dosage.

In these cases it does.