Psychiatric Doctors - pdoc don't know Sarcosine

Psychiatric Doctors don’t know Sarcosine.

My pdoc didn’t tell me about vitamin B3 niacin and vitamin B6 and I used them on my own and the result was good.

My Father is an eye specialist and doesn’t know anything about Sarcosine

Recently he gave me money to buy Sarcosine. Too late but not so late, I’m still alive.

My sister dentist doesn’t know sarcosine.

All Psychiatric doctors don’t know sarcosine.

My sister gave me money for vitamin b3 niacin and vitamin b6 and I became better and b3 and b6 gave me some hope and because my health improved I came to know of sarcosine.

B3 + B6 better health and then I came to know of Sarcosine.

I ordered it and it will take two months for the package to arrive.

35 year old male single and loser hoping sarcosine will change it.

I don’t have money and after abusing my parents they give me some money and I have to adjust with it.


My psychiatrist said she knows about Sarcosine but from my understanding of her broken English she said it doesn’t work. She also said I could take it but I have to lower my medications because they are too high. For what it’s worth I’m also taking Niacinamide and B6 and I think they help a little bit. The biggest difference so far is less derealization and more intense dreams.

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I take niacin b6 magnesium and d3 but they will be finished soon and not going to buy them again

I will buy " noopept "

noopept is a smart drug

I used it and it already upgraded my brain

now I have a better brain

I used 100 grams noopept in 20 days

I called my pharmacist and asked if they have it. She didn’t know what it was so I ordered online. I don’t know when it’s gonna arrive but I might not take it until I see my doc.

I read Noopept increases dissocation/detachment so I can’t take it. I’m more interested in taking aniracetam as it improves mood. But I’m kind of worried about these drugs. Who knows if they’re really safe?

Yes - best to look to supplements and medications that have good scientific testing behind them and show that they are effective with people who have psychosis / schizophrenia. And also very good to discuss these with your doctor before you take them.