Does your cognitive getting worse and worse over time?

Did you find your cognitive function getting worse overtime? Anyway to improve it? How long have you been diagnosed?

My cognitive functions seem to be getting worse for me, I have had schizophrenia for a bit longer than 3 years, was diagnosed 2 years and 11 months ago.

I have stopped taking my lorazepam to see if that helps but it hasn’t helped yet.

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I feel like my memory has worsened. My husband says I’m very forgetful and it’s true. I get brain fog a lot.

No, i’ve had sz symptoms for 30 years, now i’m diagnosed schizotypical disordered, but before that Schizo affective.

My cognitive problems: Lack of orientation, i can’t find my way, bad short time memory. Still got the same problems but it has not worsened.

yes, problem with the memory.

I’ve been on the same ap for 8 years now(diagnosed at 18). I find my cognitive function to be getting worse. I take Lions mane (fruiting body of mushroom). Helps with cogntive focus and memory. Some people on here have suggested sarcosine. I tried some from brainvitaminz but I found it had no effect. I think brainvitaminz isn’t legit because there address is a ups address. I recently ordered sarcosine and NAC from profrontal. They look like they’re a more legit company. We’ll see if their supplements have any effect on my cognition.

Yes, I have awful memory and I can’t understand math anymore – really it is sad because I used to feel smart, I had a life together with friends, I was social, now I’m doing the hermit lifestyle with nobody except for family …


3 years of schizophrenia, I’m not in the best state nor in the worst.

I have good days and bad days cognitive wise. But overall I’d say I’m getting worse. I think it’s a case of use it or lose it maybe.

I can’t remember if I have memory problems ! LOL


Are we going to be brain dead when we get older? Can you guys still able to function well on daily stuffs?

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I’m so confused on whether this is a degenerative disorder or not

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I am worry that we going to forget everything at old age. However the study said 1.8 percent for schizophrenic will develop Alzheimer’s while only 0.6 percent for normal people.

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oh 1.8 percent isn’t that bad. I thought it was much worse. I think it could get worse or better, depending on coping skills.

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Did you find it difficult to learn new stuff?

Do you have the name or website name of the study?

No, I just google it and I forgot what I type to bring it up.

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yeah, i think ive lost some cognitive skills. Maybe with skills training I could get better though. Got to remain positive.

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I’ve done a lot of googling on that, some people think it does, other experts say it can’t be proven. I think it’s a case by case basis. Without naming names I know a few people on this forum who have had the disease for two decades or more and still come across more or less sane. Definitely more than I’d expect if I believed every case of schizophrenia was degenerative.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago, I went through 2 years of sheer hell where I lost everything I had and nearly became homeless. Luckily I started to improve just in time to keep my family relationships from disintegrating. I’ve been on the mend for the last 3 years slowly without any big relapses. The negatives are still there, but I think I can learn to do things differently and still get them done in many cases, much as is the case with any newly disabled person.

I was an English major, I wrote a lot of papers and did a lot of editing, nowadays I just edit my posts a lot :slight_smile:


When I’m mad I can remember a thousand reasons why I’m mad. But ask me what I had for breakfast and I have no idea. Honestly if you can’t remember it’s not worth remembering.

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