Does this pdoc of mine was wrong?

One of my pdocs told that i am not schizophrenic but borderline… Is there some truth in this? Or maybe those kind of mi are similar at the end? I am not sure that borderlines avoid like this to socialize with others. Yeap, i can feel a lot of hate, a lot of irritability, jealousy and anger… a loot… idk if it happens to schizophrenics but my intuition says that yes. maybe, those with negative symptoms… I have problems to speak also… its a combo of lack of will to talk plus lakc of ideas in my head… Maybe he wanted to give me hope this doc? i dont look anymore to ‘‘soften’’ my condition. but i wonder if those hateful and jealousy features are more borderline or sz?
hugs to all people

I have strong negative symptoms. I don’t mind talking to others at all. So it’s not a schizophenia problem.
Maybe the lack of ideas comes from the fact that you are not used to converse normally with people. But you can train yourself!

when you are paranoid like me or social phobic(i am not sure what is it), you dont talk also, you see… plus, i am quite irritable right now with others so i dont talk to them :/…

Have you asked your doc about potential treatments for bpd?

this doc of mine said that there is no specific trt about bpd. But i got better on Zyprexa and Depakote. he was lost with me, i switched meds for 7 years in fact just to see a slight improvement… and now, my doc says to stick with the Zyprexa.

I think that they are very different disorders, psychotic and negative symptoms are characteristic of sz while impulsivity and unstableness are characteristic of bpd.

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Therapy can be effective for bpd. I know you don’t want to go through therapy but maybe it would be a good opportunity for you to get better!