My rage, my jealousy is it more a sgin of borderline or it can be a sz too?

all these feelings are depressive. I try to avoid them but I come from far so I still have them…
I was once diagnosed as borderline, not schizophrenic. but I have doubts. but how is it for you? do you think rage and jealousy is more borderline or sz symptom?
maybe finally I have the comorbidity of those 2 diagnosis, just a guess…

I thought they said PTSD Anna

I think that rage sometimes is suppressed anger from past experiences
In childhood or adolescence.
Therapy helps with this.
I often wonder if I hVe borderline nad schizophrenia myself
I have ni idea if you can have both at once.

daze, no it was never ptsd. the pdoc of my father was swearing that I am borderline but I have my doubts. for my last pdoc I am paranoid schizophrenic with mostly negative symptoms… but it still too strong my jealousy and my anger but now I try to control myself… I am also worried that my words are limited. I feel depressed and like I cant think so I dont talk. I am like this since child, I am worried for my future… for me the meds are really not a miracle…

schizophrenia too

I sound like a broken record on here because I repeat the same thing over and over, but it’s true: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was like a miracle for me. I was finally ready and was completely open to being honest and getting results.
I’m not on medication. There is nothing taking my voices, hallucinations, delusions or negative symptoms away. The positive symptoms have lessened but I don’t need or even want them to be gone (it’s too late for that). But I am the one who decides how I react/ what I do.
I hope you will get CBT. I wish I had when I was younger, although I don’t know if I was ready… You have a chance to improve and to feel better. I’m not ever looking for a cure. I needed coping strategies and I have them.
I wish you the same, and better.


ok thank you for the answer @Hedgehog :wink: . in fact maybe I am in the post psychotic depression. I realize that there is another form of life, kind of the opposite of what I was living. and I see that ive missed soo many things. but whatever, I should look in the future I know. but why I cant talk sometimes? why I dont have ideas? changing my thinking can help more than meds yes. but I need my meds cause I am going straight to death without them…
my pdoc thought that I cant think cause my brain is occupied with paranoid thoughts… but I guess its more than this. the depressions affects us on this too…

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I would never advise you to not take your meds. Stay on your medication. But I only advise that you add therapy to your treatment. I went literally decades in absolute misery and torment. I still struggle, but it’s better now because I rose above my secrets… I don’t know what your past/childhood was like, but mine was messed up and I never told anyone… I never knew what to say or do because my mind was in a straight jacket of keeping secrets and shame. Adding to my shame were the demons and the horrible things they said to me, etc. When I was in CBT, I told everything, faced everything and learned how to cope better than I had been.
I see some of my younger self in you. I really want you to be happy/stronger/at peace (more)

wow thanks :slight_smile: my childhood, wow, it was tough and mad :smiley: … I was atouched sexually by the boyfriend of my sister at my 6. my father was beating my mom and my sister too. I hated him. and it turned against me now… he was probably mentally ill too. he got depressed at his 50s and he died suits of the alcohol… he never drunk before his depression tough… I never felt beautifull for example, no hugs from my father or a good word. but whatever. my mom says that there are people in good health who grew in more difficult families, yeah… me too I felt a lot of shame really young. I was ashamed when some boys liked me. then in my adolescence, I grew up a bit wild wow… never had a serious relationship. I was to a point not knowing if I am heterosexual or homosexual… I dont know which food I like for example. but thanks for your post :slight_smile: I think I am on the right way now. but for example, I still get really tensed when I go out. I cant even think when I am outside in the streets. its strange. do I need more time for this or its some blockage? my doc thinks that I just need to more confront myself to the world…

Hey your trying to control yourself it’s learning the impulse comtrol stuff and sounds to me your doing that.
I think some people have a lot to be angry about.

yeah, its not easy… but what to say. destiny?.. idk… :slight_smile:
now I hate that I am so fat, its too much. its 92 kilos for me plus no strength in my muscles cause I spent 15 years in one room practically…

Yeah it’s so unfair that the meds make us overweight.
That’s what I saying its a lot to deal with having a full blown mental illness I lost my ■■■■ today a council worker I’ve found I REALLY need to not go out or talk on the phine when I have PMS.
Is there something you’d like to do? To get out
Tell you what i go to my swimming pool. And I swim around and float about in the jacussi it burns calories but I enjoy it.