Borderline, me? who else?

in fact I had this diagnosis in the past by a very famous pdoc. he was the pdoc of my father too… for him, it was sure that I am not schizophrenic.
for me, I was always wondering how much my personality is non existant. I dont know which food I like, which music, which persons etc etc. I know it can happen in sz too but in my case its really hard. I have never a good mood since child. I have this ‘‘soul’’ emptiness inside of me. I have this love and hate relationship with others since years wow. so maybe, there are chances that I am not schizophrenic. but I gave up fighting since years so it will be tough to recover from whatever it is… and yes, I need meds cause without them I stop eating, showering, moving… I wonder if I can mature by my own, by my own efforts now that I know my weaknesses? the people around me say that I am an intelligent person but sometimes I am really confused to a point of cant thinking about the reality. i lack confidence, i lack opinions too…
who else is bpd here? its a hard diagnosis too, the heredity of it is more important than for the sz - 40%. my father was probably ill from something too…
i take meds since years but they are not a big soul relief. i just take them cause without them i stop eating like i said to you…

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I have BPD as well.

my therapist says i have paranoid SZ .but pdoc says depression with anxiety…!!! I am very much in trouble …!!!

hi do you fight against it, sooner? whats working for you against the bpd? meds are a help for you? does some activity helps you with it?

I haven’t been diagnosed, but I certainly have some Borderline tendencies. Always have, I think. But I’ve always viewed those parts of myself as more of a strength than a weakness. When I found out that those parts of my personality were implicit of an “illness,” I was stunned.

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Added a bit more to my post for clarity ^

i have this pain in my soul in fact. i guess i somatise a lot in my illness. i would like that this stops… no mood for me. i wonder if only meds could help. maybe i need to change entirely? all the pdocs that ive met, knew only the meds like a help for me. the psychotherapy in my country is poor. my pdoc dont give a ■■■■ about me i find. its been 8 years that i am in the psychiatry and still living like an hermit… some meds made me crazier, i wasn’t speaking a lot at the time so the dopped me with a lot of rubbish in the past wow… and me, i just want to feel my soul for a once…

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I have had a borderline diagnosis in the past, but not anymore. They are a bit clueless about what I have. I have been reading about it back then though and some new insights say that borderline can actually often be cured with good intensive therapy. I wish you could have access to that!

One pdoc diagnosed me with borderline as well as sz but my other pdoc who saw me after that disagreed and said I just have sz. I don’t know if I really have it but I do have borderline tendencies. I used to cut on occasion and have had unstable moods and love/hate feelings towards hubby. I don’t know if it is also caused by my sz. I feel empty a lot but that could be negative symptoms of sz.

yeah, me too idk anymore if i am a sz or borderline. i read on Wikipedia that borderlines have identity problems a lot. they lack moral, values too. and i relate to this cause i am quite confused. i even dont know which food i like, my personality is non existant but maybe it happens in sz too like you say saadiqah. me too i feel empty a lot, annoyed also, and my positive emotions are so inexistant that it hurts inside of me…

Maybe I’m not borderline then because I have strong moral values and sense of self. And when I used to cut it wasn’t only because of emotional turmoil it was also because of feeling dead that I did or because my voices told me to.

i see. no, i dont have voices or hallucinations. even not so much delusions… yes, its typical for borderlines to have no values. i lack this since years. i even dont know which partners are like or which friends. there is a confusion on this level.

I have delusions, thought insertion and sometimes voices. Maybe worse off meds. I have clear sense of what my likes and dislikes are though. And my values were the same for years. I’m quite moody though.

I guess I don’t no what that means