Does the world need another great Spiritual Leader?

I believe the world is today in a sad-sad condition.

MATERIALISM, CONSUMERISM, HUMANITY no more respects each other. To each his own and crude selfishness has gripped everyone (atleast in my country).

I THINK ITS ABOUT TIME the world needs a great spiritual teacher.

Someone like the – BUDDHA, JESUS, MOHAMMED, OSHO, KABIR etc.

Its about time that Humanity gets saved AGAIN.

I think the world needs fewer delusional people, not more. I would like to see a world with more scientists.

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No not you. A lot of so called “spiritual leaders” are just delusional.

I read a book and it said there was a fairytale the author read when she was a kid that in the future there will no longer be individual leaders but groups fighting for a cause in stories.

Oh sorry, I mis-interpreted.

Yeah I would say ALL OF TODAY’S spiritual leaders ARE DELUDED (not least the pope).

But I meant a true enlightened teacher.

I think the world has had enough of leaders. Its time for a no-leadership era

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And how are you gonna bring about that without someone telling them?.

Human Consciousness is so undeveloped that they ALWAYS PREFER to be LED than to LEAD.

And that constitutes 98% of HUMANITY.

So your idea is really hard to come by.

The history of mass movement says people prefer ideas to leaders. The leaders change, but the idea has to remain the same.

OF COURSE - Ideas are the thing people look forward to.

But IDEAS are brought about by a Single Human. You may choose to call him a Leader or a Friend.

What I meant was - A NEW IDEA started by someone to help humanity.

Let’s agree to disagree.
The same idea can come from two distinct minds

Yes in the END - It is true. This is after considering that both (or more) people have reached the same LEVEL of Consciousness.

But even at that Level of Consciousness (considering it is the same) – the Idea or atleast the method of carrying out could differ.

Not necessary to be on the same level of consciousness either.
Nobody really knows where ideas come from, so this discussion is pointless.

If exist an spiritual leader, or a “prophet” he or she is already considered schizophrenic or mental ill by our dirty society

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cant agree more :smile:

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Ideas come from our own Consciousness.

How do you measure consciousness?

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you can’t measure it. It is not something that can be quantified .

So how do you define levels of it?

Consciousness (or measure or whatever you call) can only be EXPERIENCED by oneself.

Of course, someone there are Signs that others could percieve if anyone has reached a particular level.