Does the perfect potato actually exist or is that just an urban legend?

I think it’s just a propaganda ploy by disillusioned conspiracy theorists.
I don’t know, the world tires me out sometimes.


All potatoes are perfect.

A potato is a potato is a potato.

When Judgment ceases, all things are revealed by Nature to be Good.

… At least I think that’s how it is. Sometimes it seems that way.


Behold the perfect potato


Sounds good to me.

Dangggg, that is perfect. I wonder how much it weighs?

It is so perfect it defies the laws of gravity

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Did anyone see the happenings in turkey…massive plot is a foot…do I put trigger warnings up on actual events? Is anyone in Istanbul?

Yeah, I’ve been watching CNN. It seems like there’s always bad news these days. Yesterday, the terror attack in Nice, France. Today, the unrest in Turkey. And it’s always the innocent bystanders that get injured or killed. It really sucks.

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Cool! Hover tater!


A rose is a rose is an onion. At least you can eat an onion. You can’t do that with a rose.

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Haha well you can, it just wouldn’t be pleasant. But then onions eaten raw aren’t either.

Levitatering :grin:


The journey to the perfect potato starts within. And only at the end do you realize that the perfect potato has been inside you all along.

The perfect potato is a vegetable that lives in all of us. It surrounds us, it butters us and holds our carbs together.


You’re not cut out for bodybuilding pathy

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You must act like potato be the potato and all earthly duties will melt away…

He who makes a potato of himself sheds the burdens of what it means to be man…or woman…whatever…

We can’t stop here this is potato country…


Is that meant to be a compliment?

I’m gonna go with yes…maybe…we should poll it…

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That’s what mark whalberg said to me so I guess

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Potatoe died for your sins

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There is no perfect potato, and every potato is a perfect potato. One must learn to vibrate in the stillness in the presence of the almighty potato.