I laugh when potatheists

…Say that there’s no proof for the One True Potato. Have they forgotten that modern potatoes from any local grocery store descend from Padam who was created in the image of the Holy Potato? And was cast out of the Garden of Poteden?

Ps. 7 minutes in the microwave is all it takes to enjoy a baked tater

There is no proof cause the one potatoe doesn’t exists. They are as many potatoes as people.

I LOVE a baked potato and they are so easy with a microwave.

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It’s called a baked potato, not a microwaved potato. Use a goddamn oven. The Great Potato is ashamed of you.

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Does an oven take only seven minutes?

Checkmate. :smiley:

Your potato kink was so mushy that he just crumbled to the board. You forfeit.

Well played, sir.

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French fry, matched potatoe and hash brown - the holy trinity

Raw with salt, the great potato need to be savored for it true earthy goodness

This sounds like something the one true Morty would say…

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