Does sz/sza play a role in having bad teeth?

After all these years of neglect my teeth are really bad. My fear of dentists is severe so I never went much. Only when desperate. Struggled to brush my teeth regularly. Still do. Complained to my mom about my bad teeth and she said I have myself to blame. This depressed me further.

What I’d like to know is does sz or sza have some cause on it? Does this illness cause one to neglect one’s teeth or other health problems? Is there others with sz or sza out there who have same problem as me? What do I do? My motivation levels are so bad I just want to give up and rot away…it’s so hard…:sob:


Yes. Paid a little bit for an electric toothbrush and improved heaps. My teeth aren’t best but putting some time into them is gold. Took me a long time to understand that…Invest in your health.

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When I lived with my Mom and worked I kept up with my teeth. I also was taken to the dentist. She paid for most of the appointments. I paid for some of the cleanings and once when I worked for pay I paid for a crown. When I went to an apartment I stopped keeping up with it as much. Now I barely keep up with it at all. I still have teeth but the writing’s on the wall as they occasionally hurt. Plus government insurance doesn’t pay dental and I won’t be able to afford anything major eventually. It will get me soon. (by the way smoking is bad for your teeth. So are some of the meds.)

I have pharmacophobia, meaning I always chew my meds before swallowing them. Some of the meds I took throughout the years have damaged my teeth (they look as if they’ve been polished excessively, some or most of the enamel is gone).

I also have trouble being strict with oral hygiene. I want to brush daily, or twice a day, but I don’t always get around to doing it.

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Negative symptoms can cause us to neglect our hygienic needs.

And many meds cause dry mouth, which is bad for the teeth.


Me too. I can’t swallow pills whole I have to break them in half and either bite them into smaller pieces or crush them.

I think another problem I have is my nose is almost always blocked so I breathe through my mouth and my mouth is often dry as result.

It seems like all the odds are stacked up against me…

My teeth are awful . It’s a combination of some dental phobia,poor dental hygiene(seldom remember to brush my teeth), teeth grinding and possibly TMJ . Psych notes from the early 80s mention the issue.

If it’s due to sz-a then it would have to be due to cognition rather than positive or negative symptoms . It may also be due to being on the autism spectrum . It may or may not be due to not very good executive functioning .

My teeth is I think 85% healthy,my gum is healthy too as I brush my teeth everyday.Nowadays I am lazy to floss,but will floss soon.15% of my teeth is cause by drinking and eating too much sweet,or else my teeth is in good condition at least for now

Dont feel bad or guilty… You are not guilty about your teeth… My dentist agreed, that meds harm the teeth no matter how you take them. Me too I struggle with the dental hygiene :confused:
I am scared of dentists too, mostly because of my agitation on the chair there and my fears. I even left my previous dentist, cause he was a bit of snobbish and was looking badly at my teeth… I found a nice, cheaper gril dentist, to which I said that I am mentally ill and she was very cool with this. She even made me some discount. Ok, its a cheaper care, so maybe less good, but at least, I can go to her when I have a bit more of a courage.
You are not alone :slight_smile:


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