Update on me - dental nightmare

So I’ve been doing pretty well except for some anxiety and one episode of voices. Since mid Nov I’ve been relatively depression free. But still get anxiety sometimes.

One thing I’m really anxious about is my teeth. Years of neglect has caught up with me in my 35th year. I dread to think how many teeth I will lose by the time I’m 55 or 65! I hope I still will have teeth! It’s terrible to think of.

I went to dentist today as one of my teeth broke off and she said I can either have a root canal and a crown - or extraction and a bridge. Sent me home to think about it. I’ve decided to get it extracted. It’s two teeth away from my previous extraction so my upper left teeth will be very gappy!

Not only that but another tooth at the back with massive hole that needs to come out too and other smaller cavities in other teeth. I don’t know which side to chew on anymore!

It’s quite traumatic to be in the dentists chair as I have sensitive gag reflex and x rays are a nightmare let alone root canals! I can see myself anaesthetised completely before those back teeth seen to!

If only we had a new set of teeth at 40 or so! Mid life start with clean slate. But no - only one chance we get.

It’s hard to look after my teeth and go to the dentist with anxiety and sza. I guess I’m not the only one…

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