Does Sz keep you from leaving home?

I don’t go out in public bc the voices tell me to kill ppl or molest ppl so I often stay home rather than face it. I don’t have much of a life really. When I DO go out nothing bad happens. It’s just scary.

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I stay in quite a bit because of my sz. I think a lot of us do.

Tis Untruth . ,

Which Jus Means Thus Is A Friggin LIE … ,

A True Schizophrenic Doesn’t Have Those Types Of Voyses … ,

My Voyses Have NVR Told Me To Hurt Anyone INCLUDING Myself … ,

Criminals Will On Thee Other Hand Try and Use That Excuse To Get Away From Prison … ,


I Fynde Myself At Home A lot Also , BECAUSE OF STIGMA .

I’m not lying …,

Example Of What Your Voices Have Told You To Do …

Knock my dad in the head with a log…, I didn’t do it. We were out cutting firewood.

I Have To Be Honest ,

That Sounds Lyke A Goofy Joke From an Old Soul …

Maybe it’s psychosis but at any rate my diagnosis is schizoeffective disorder. I don’t know exactly what that means.

God damn I’m lucky not to hear voices. I have a hard enough time as it is.


Walk Away Quietly and Write Some Poetry From Your Heart … ,

Lissen To Some Quiet Piano Music , Chill With Some Snacks and Rest …

I wouldn’t say it keeps me home, but it limits my ability to function. I can only go inside stores 20 minutes top.

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I’m very tired.

Aren’t We All Dude … ,

You Are Not Alone On That …

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Go For A Quick 5 Ta 10 Min. Walk ,

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Cool. I live on my dad’s farm but am getting ready to move. My dad bought this house in town for cheap.

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