Do any people on here stay home all the time?


I literally never leave my home because of all my issues and anxiety and was wondering if I was the only one. I’ve been blessed with parents that get my groceries and everything else I need so I don’t have to leave. It really bothers me though so I was curious if I am the only one.

If you do stay at home all the time, what do you do at home?


I like to get out. My wife has social anxiety so I am her gopher. I like to eat out a lot too but I usually go by myself. Some places I can bring my dog.


I rarely leave the house.
Mainly to go to doctors appointments and once in a while go grocery shopping.
It’s a shame really.


Me too I stay the most of the time at my house. I became ragy on this cause my going outs are irregular since 15 years and I start to get really mad… How long you are like this? me, years…
Me too I hate my anxiety, its worse than anything else… My mom wants from me to at least go with her to the gorceries but recently I cant do even this. I don’t feel fine when she talks loudly outside and me, being there silently just like some dummy…


Yeah I stay at home all the time except to buy groceries at Lidl like 2 min drive lol. I rarely go out now, my paranoia of driving has become really bad the last several months so I keep going out to a complete minimal. But it’s nice to be at home I think. Very relaxing and I don’t need to work either so it works out for me :slight_smile:


I don’t have a car so I am home most of the day. I take walks every morning to ease the restlessness that comes from the abilify I take.

I try to keep busy throughout the day so I don’t become a target of my own mind. Sometimes I don’t like crowded places but I’m going to start bringing my big headphones places in case I get overwhelmed.

Trying to get better every day.


I enjoy staying home but I do go for a long walk in the park everyday. I usually go for a walk with my husband. Sometimes I go on my own. While staying home, I do reading and writing in the morning , and listening to music and doing 30 minutes aerobics in the afternoon.

I don’t envy the social life the normies have. We sz have our pace of life as we take meds.


I’m almost here all the time, I go to the grocery once a week. My routine is pretty simple, I wake up, get my coffee. Get online, check things out, do the previous days dishes. get back online and then I go for a walk in the evenings and cook dinner. that’s it, i’m looking for things to do. I tried to play video games but I really dont’ enjoy them anymore


I go out a few times a month, maybe once a week. i have a lot of anxiety and restlessness when im in public and some paranoia about others


Mostly I’m at home. I have to do errands like buy stamps and grocery shop for us but other than that I’m here listening to music or playing it on the guitar.


In the beginning of my illness I didn’t go out for 2 years because I was terrorized of meeting my schoolmates or my teachers.
Now I go out with my father to the grocery store or to the groups for mentally ill people.


I get outta the house off and on mainly for dr apts and pdoc and pnurse appointments and errands…If I can I stay indoors.


I stay at home as much as possible, but I have to go out and get the groceries and take the kids to their activities. I rarely wait in the building with the other adults while they do the activities because of social anxiety. I just wait in my car with the doors locked and read a book or something. I avoid play dates because I don’t want that many people around me. Fortunately, my husband can go on the play dates.


I go to work, but do not see a lot of people there, other than that I rarely go out, only when I have to


I stay at home also. It is not because of anxiety. It is because I don’t have a job only hang out with a friend once a week.


I stay home usually only go out when necessary especially in the winter. Oh I get online, read, watch TV, do dishes, prepare food at home.


I can’t stand being at home. Feel like there is not enough to keep my occupied at home as I don’t have much patience for things like movies, housework, or even coloring. I have to go out every day it is almost compulsive. I only spend holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving at home for the whole day. I know other people with schizophrenia who feel the same way. Can’t stay home.


I don’t run errands or anything like that, my parents do that stuff. During the school year I go to school. Right now is a holiday, so I’m doing nothing. I have really bad social anxiety, have since early adolescence. So I’m not comfortable in public. If I’m anonymous its okay though, But just going out to meet people? No, doesn’t happen. I don’t drive either so I’ve lost a lot of my mobility. My mother doesn’t trust me in the car after I got ill, she thinks I’m going to get into an accident bcoz I’m incompetent or something. Really insulting. She trusts my younger brother to drive anywhere. Me, no freedom.

When I’m at home I do a lot of nothing, talk on this forum, and either sleep or pace around bothering my family members. The rest of the time I’m in my room either sleeping, having sex dreams, or masturbating. I spend an unusual amount of time on this. But I don’t do anything productive, when I try its like pulling teeth.


Friday evening I just had an anxiety or paranoid attack. I really don’t know what it is. I think something bad is going to happen if I leave my apartment and something bad is going to happen if I stay at home. I was supposed to go visit my mom who lives 40 minutes away, but I couldn’t leave. I felt like something bad would happen if I stay at home as well. I stayed up all night, fell asleep around 5am. Woke up at 10am. I called my psychiatrist emergency line but got voicemail. I left a message but nobody called me back until Sunday evening. The panic attack was over by then.


I only leave the flat to go to appointments and shopping with my stepdaughter/granddaughters, and to put rubbish in the rubbish shed.

I spend most of my day online. I had been trying to get out of the habit of going to bed during the day but have slipped up a little recently. Sometimes when there’s not much to interest me online I get bored and take to bed.