Does sz change your brain?

Fizical it changes the brain? Can you tell if somebody has sz from a brain scan?

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No one can determine sz from brain scan… its personal experience… my cognitive symptoms is killing me…


Many schizophrenics have common brain changes but not everyone.


I’ve read that people with schizophrenia have reduced “gray matter” in their brain, which can show up on brain scans. I don’t think this is the case with every schizophrenic or that it’s only in schizophrenia though. I know schizophrenia can’t be diagnosed by a brain scan.


i was told that sz and sza is often undetectable to find it through a scan.

i think u would have to examine brain cells to see the difference

Sometimes there are slight variations in brain scans including reduced grey matter, less activity in the prefrontal lobes, and changes in ventricle size but they don’t know whether the sz causes these or whether the changes caused the sz…and not everybody has visible differences.


as far as I know, sz is an overproduction of dopamine, so yes it does change the brain.

Not at all. Even if i wanted to i cpuld not have any other brain…mind…than that i was born with.

Plus…during all of my mind problems thete was one part of my mind that never changed … the part that is aware of whats going on with me.

I showed something in my brain scan. I couldn’t tell you details because I can’t read scans but I imagine decreased grey matter. It’s what I tell myself any way. I try to work on regenerating my grey matter with reading, math questions, meds etc.


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